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    I’ve been using YARRP (now on version 4.0.6) for months on two sites, one is a store for US, the other a store for Europe, but both are identical in every way.

    On one of the sites the “Relatedness” option for “Titles” has stopped working. On the other site it still works fine. I tried clearing the YARRP cache in the Php MyAdmin for the site that’s not working properly but that didn’t help.

    Any idea why the “Relatedness” option for “Titles” would stop working on one site, but still work perfectly on another site that’s
    exactly the same?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for a great plugin!

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  • What do you mean that it has stopped working? Is the drop-down menu disabled? I assume this is both in the same browser. Are your WordPress sites in different languages?

    Hi, thanks for responding. No, the drop-down menu is not disabled, yes it’s the same browser, and the sites are both English.

    What I mean by “stopped working” is if I go to the “Relatedness” settings and select the “Titles” option as “Consider” or “Consider with extra weight”, and change all other “Relatedness” settings to “Do not consider” then no related posts show up. Or, if I set the “Titles” option to “Consider with extra weight” and the “Categories” set to “Consider”, only the categories show up in the related posts…it is not taking the “titles” into account.

    On the other site, I have the “Titles” option set to “Consider with extra weight” and the “Categories” set to consider and it works perfectly. Most related posts are by Title, and a few are by category.

    Again, in the site with the problem, even if I set the “Titles” option to “Consider with extra weight”, the Titles are not being considered.

    I hope this is clear.


    Have you tried also lowering the “match threshold” when you consider only titles? That probably is the issue.

    If you take away other criteria, it will become much stricter and you’ll have to adjust the threshold accordingly.

    Hi, thanks again for responding. Yes, I have tried lowering the “match threshold” to 1 and setting the “Relatedness” options to “consider titles with extra weight” and all others to “do not consider.” When I do this there are no related posts. This supports what I mentioned initially…that the “titles” relatedness function has essentially stopped working. And as I said, what’s really odd is that my other site, which is exactly the same in terms of plugins, posts, YARRP settings, etc., is working perfectly.

    I thought about uninstalling and reinstalling YARRP on the site in which it’s not working properly, but it’s a busy site and I’d rather not do that. I know this is difficult to troubleshoot, but any other suggestions you have would be appreciated.


    was there ever a fix to this issue? i am having the same exact problem on all of my sites.

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