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[Resolved] Titles or Captions above or below thumbnails

  • It would be a nice feature to have the option of displaying the image title or caption above or below the gallery page thumbnail. Additionally having a short 1 line description below the image title in the lightbox when displayed would be nice as well.

    An example of this can be found at jauquet.com which is currently being revised and converted to WordPress. This would give a very basic cataloging feature without all the complexity of a commerce type of setup.


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  • Hi,

    See this tutorial for adding captions below the thumbnails

    If you add a title to your images, it will be shown (or should) in the lightbox

    This is great! However, could you please tell me WHICH file the php code should be inserted into and where?

    Thanks so much!

    Technically it can go into any PHP file within your theme, however most people like to put code into your theme’s functions.php file. You can place the code anywhere within a PHP file, as long as it’s not within another functions.

    Perfect Sumobi! It worked beautifully!

    When I do this fix, it no longer shows the photo description when it opens up the larger image. Is there a way to show the caption below the thumbnail, but show the caption and the desctription when it is opened up larger?


    Sumobi, I just wanted to say thanks for the quick response to my suggestion and my apologies for just getting back to you. Your fix works perfectly. As I’m using a framework I inserted the code at the end of my template-functions.php file.

    Because the thumbnails tend to align left over the caption and the thumbnails are of various widths, I just added this css code to the bottom of the <style> section to force the thumbnails to be centered over the captions as follows:

    .image-gallery a img{
        margin: 0 auto 0 auto;

    I will provide a link as soon as the site revisions are complete. Again, Thanks!

    @pixelhated The lightboxes display the title attribute of the image in the popup. The code I provided earlier will not add the description to the lightbox. You will need to write some custom Javascript for that.

    @closetnerdthe1st Awesome!

    Hello, and thank you for your nice addon. I need to add caption below thumbnails too, but when I am inserting the code, an error occured.
    I am inserting the code in functions.php. I use Hero theme. Is there anyway to add safely this code ?

    what was the error? you likely didn’t close/open the PHP tags properly. If you show me your full code including the added code I can tell you where you went wrong. Paste to snippi.com and share the link here.

    hi, Andrew Munro

    Thanks for your plugin,it looks great.
    but why isn’t the plugin compatible with IE8? I had a test by IE Tester.

    See my answer on your other post

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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