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  • Hi there good afternoon, I have a question that maybe you can help with, I installed your plugin, category seo meta tags, when I edit a category with title, description and keywords it works ok with category and description, the output source code shows this, but not the title, still shows the regular title, not sure how to make it work and not sure if it conflicts with all in one seo plugin, so not sure if you have faced this before, any idea? Thank you!


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  • Did you make the changes in php class described in the installation?



    Having the same problem – titles not working for me either.
    Not using ALL in One SEO, so which changes are you talking about?



    I am also finding that the meta title tags are not working even though the others do. I am using the All-In-One SEO plugin. I have looked at the recommended hack to the All-In-One plugin, but it appears to reference an older version of the plugin, although I have no intention of hacking another plugin to get this one to work. I just wanted to check to see if the meta title tags were supposed to be working with the latest version of the Category SEO Meta Tags plugin. Some help in this matter would be appreciated.



    After taking a look at the code try to get an idea of why the title tags aren’t showing I discovered that by making a one line change to the code I was able to get the title tags to be successfully added. The change I made was so basic that I don’t understand why there was ever a problem in the first place. I’m sure I don’t fully understand the situation. Maybe my changes will cause conflicts with other plugins or something? Whatever the case may be I now have meta tags for title, keywords, and description working for my category pages and without the need to modify any other plugins.

    I still would like to know why the title tags are such a problem. I intend to continue with my changes to this plugin and find out for myself if there are any problems with them.



    @jgwebdeveloper can you tell me what you have done? I’m running into the same problem.

    Hacking plugins’ core is weird idea. Just add anywhere to your functions.php:

    function theme_category_seo_title($title) {
      if ( is_category() ) {
        return apply_filters('aioseop_category_title', $title);
      } elseif ( is_tag() || is_tax()  ) {
        return apply_filters('aioseop_tag_title', $title);
      return $title;
    add_filter('aioseop_title', 'theme_category_seo_title');

    Tested with All in one SEO 2.0.4.

    Thank You… Now its working.

    I am having the issue of Titles not showing, Keywords and Descriptions are fine. I have tried it both with ALL in One SEO and without. And also by using the above code, but it still does not work.

    The installation routine as shown on is not compatible with the latest version of All in One SEO.

    Can anyone give me further information.


    Hi, gmankelow,

    I’m sorry to hear that solution I posted above doesn’t work for you. It was tested with WordPress 3.6.1, All in one SEO 2.0.4 and Category Seo Meta Tags 2.5. However, I just checked the most recent AioSEO plugin’s code (2.1.4) and I’m pretty sure the code I posted should still work.

    The solution is based on action/filter API. Please make sure you didn’t edit All in one SEO plugin’s files. Both plugins should be enabled because Category SEO Meta Tags plugin is not supposed to work alone. If it still doesn’t work for you, then probably something conflicts with these plugins so it needs debugging.

    Hey nbspjr,

    Added your code to my functions.php file and received a fatal error.

    Any suggestions, I would love to get this working.

    Pity the developer has not made any updates for some time.

    Hi, witguides,

    may I ask you to look into server logs and copy error text here? Most likely you have syntax error. If I have time this Weekend, I’ll test most recent versions of these plugins and WP and then will post solution to github so you won’t need to edit theme files.

    I just tested the code above with current versions of WP and All in One SEO. It appears the Category SEO meta tags doesn’t add default titles format when installed. Currently you have to do it manually here:


    Just put default values from each field’s description, otherwise it will not replace titles.

    I forked this plugin’s repository and added this minor fix for newest all in one seo compatibility (the fix is exactly the same as I posted above). You can get the updated plugin here:


    You will still need to manually check if titles are configured under Settings > CSMT Settings. If category (tag) title format is empty, then categories (tags/taxonomies) titles won’t work. Please see screenshot with tested configuration:

    If your custom taxonomy titles don’t get saved, please enable that taxonomy support under CSMT Settings.

    Also, you SHOULD NOT edit All in ONE SEO files anymore.

    Bala Krishna and Sergey Yakovlev, if you still develop this plugin, may I ask you to review my changes and consider updating the plugin?

    Everybody buy Nbspjr a beer, he or she has cracked it!

    Downloaded the above zip, installed and works like a charm straight up.

    tried everything else an got nada, above install 5 stars *****

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