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    I’m having a strange issue. I have two pages using Content Reveal – an FAQ page and a page called How to Apply listing different application details (for festival crew).

    Both pages use the same layout (though one uses a plugin to put a featured image behind the page title), both use the same Content Reveal shortcodes (IDs and titles are obviously different).

    The How To Apply page works as expected. The FAQ page does not – the title changes (From ‘Show…’ to ‘Hide…’) when content is revealed, but does not change back when the content is hidden again – the title still displays ‘Hide…’ when content is hidden. This is the same using the latest Firefox and latest Chrome on Win 7 and Android.

    All plugins and themes are up to date. I’ve disabled all plugins except Content Reveal and no difference. I’ve also tried all three Cookie Use settings, no difference.

    Here are example shortcodes from each page (I’m using the text tab, not visual):

    [reveal heading="%title%" id="fest" title1="Show Festival Q&A" title2="Hide Festival Q&A"]
    Content here... [/reveal]
    [reveal heading="%title%" id="mlbdj" title1="Musicians/Live Bands/DJs" title2="Hide Musicians/Live Bands/DJs"]
    Content here... [/reveal]

    Any ideas?

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  • Plugin Author David Artiss


    Hi @jaiji,

    That is very odd and I can’t think of anything obvious. I suspect something on the page is causing it to “break” but can’t see what. Can we rule out a couple of things first? Is there anything odd in the content for the FAQ page? A script or something?

    Also, switching off the plugins was great, thanks, but can you try switching the theme? Say, to Twenty Fourteen, or similar? I just wonder if something in the theme is causing it.

    Otherwise I assume you’re using different IDs across the two pages?

    No, the FAQ content is straight text with HTML links here and there, not even any images. CR is also in use on another page (Stages) which also works fine, so I’m disinclined to think it’s the theme.

    UPDATE: I changed every ‘&’ to ‘and’ in the shortcodes and everything is fine. (I first tried changing them to & but no difference.)

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    • This reply was modified 2 years, 7 months ago by  Jaiji.
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