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    This one seems to be a popular one from what I’m told.

    Note that headline text as images (unless using a replacement system via JS…) isn’t necessarily good for SEO, and can be bad for other reasons. Just fyi.

    Otherwise, coldforged has some nice slick results… 😉


    I’m using a headline image replacement on The cool thing about this plugin is you dont need to edit the theme. Just go into admin and set h1,h2,h3 etc to be what you want and load the corresponding font into the plugins folder. The plugin with make changes to any title with the h attribute.

    don (el paso)

    Thanks for your responses!

    @davidchait: your Flashy Titles plugin gives me the following error in the admin:

    “Unable to open file (/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/../cg-flashytitles.dat).” Help?

    @jharis: that site doesn’t work, do you mean ?
    If that’s the case, it works, just not on certain themes (Andreas01, for example).

    @viper: it’s the only one that seems to work for me.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Okay. Did you try to create a FlashyTitle and it gave that error, or just when you first switch to the admin page?

    If the error comes up constantly, your wp-content must not be writeable properly by the server.

    If it comes up once, it should ‘go away’ after the first title is saved. Actually, I think it’s supposed to go away immediately, as after failing to find the file, it should try to write a default file… can’t recall.


    Here’s the deal:

    The ColdForged plugin works perfectly, everything is seamless. Except, in order for the plugin to read the image-headlines directory I end up having to CHMOD it to allow it to be written to by All Users. For some reason allowing the Owner to do so is not enough….I have tried this on two separate installs and two separate hosts.

    Something wrong with my host? With me? With the plugin? With my wordpress? Thanx in advance!


    thats the plugin I am talking about.

    leMaxim, different user credentials. Explanation here (part way down):
    WordPress Troubleshooting: Permissions, CHMOD and paths, OH MY!

    Yosemite: So how do I fix it? (I’m a noob) and have difficulty applying what you’ve written. Or anybody else for that matter?

    Still not getting it….

    Not sure I understand ‘how do I fix it?’, do you mean having to use 777 on the image-headlines directory?

    I currently have it CHMODed as 777. But that’s a security vulnerability. (Am I the only one with this problem?) Shouldn’t it work with a 755 CHMOD? That’s my issue.

    Check the link in my earlier post, there’s an expalantion for what’s happening.

    It all depends on your host environment, but most shared hosting requires processes (PHP) to use different credentials. I (and most others) have to use 777 on wp-content/uploads… I would imagine I would have to do the same with image-headlines/.

    A branching out of the concerns raised in this thread:

    Please respond there. Thanx.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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