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  • this is really weird, but all the titles of my posts are the same. they are all coming from this certian post, so i tested changing the title of that certain post and of course every other post’s title changed to it.

    i have not touched the all-in-one-seo code at all. this was working and i just noticed today that it’s not (not sure if this issue occured a day ago or a week ago). Anyone had this issue? and if so, how did you resolve it?

    my blog is

    thanks for any help!

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    youre going to need to be more specific.. I see different titles.

    Sorry, I meant the title of the page, not the post, so if you click on the “read more” of any post you’ll see the title in the upper left hand corner of the page has to do with “ 90% Off…”. Using all-in-one-seo I title each page individually but for some reason it is not working and i’m seeing that Amazon title each time.

    so i added another post and now all the titles of the pages for my posts have switched to the post above the Amazon post. wtf. strange bug, and the website is down. anyone know what happened to that site?

    I actually had the same strange error, I believe it was the 4th newest post would control all the titles. I created a fix and told uberdose about it and haven’t had a problem with any of the newer versions. I would just suggest upgrading?

    Me too … even though the revision history says that it’s fixed in (i’m on 1.2.8+) Sorry, really too lazy to look at code now, wondering if you can tell me specifically what’s “fixed” (e.g. the code diff you gave uberdose?) so at least I can just quickly patch it up?

    Thanks much ya!

    oh my case it’s always the newest’s post ( that controls the title

    @jiingoo – I don’t see the problems. Here’s the title for the top 3 posts I see on your blog:

    Next Stop is Freedom
    Tagxe and how to share cab fare fairly
    Transitioning to be a Singapore Civil Servant

    I think they are talking about what appears in the <title>...</title> tags at the top of the browser.
    In FF for sure it always displays the title of the lates post.

    jiinjoo, can you post what is the the header.php file for <title>?

    I know some templates on certain hosts that cause this, and I don’t have a solution since it always works fine when I test it locally. You can upgrade to the latest version which remedies some situations, but some remain.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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