• Hi there, started working with this plugin and it has been fantastic!!

    I have two questions (related)

    I’m using the plugin to pull three thumbnails (featured images) from a category and then
    trying to create a hover effect on those images where a title of the post AND a sub-title will show up when hovering over thumbnail.

    I got the title to work using autonav display=”posts,title”
    how can I add a second/third line that I can use a a subtitle? (subtitle)

    Also, when pulling multiple posts, for example 3, and then adding a caption, the caption works but it is the same for all three thumbnails, any way to make all three captions different? (I was thinking this could solve my sub-title idea..)

    Any thoughts? thanks!!


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  • I was about to ask a very similar question!

    Thinking about using autonav for a graphical navigation for member directory, loading each subpage’s title and subtitle that you get when hover over it, and when clicked, loads the page using a fancy box iframe (posted a separate question on that).

    I’m actually using a plugin called “Subheading” so ideally I’d like to pull the title and that field in via autonav.

    I wonder if there’s a way to use a filter to grab the other field?

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