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    WordPress version: 3.5.1 (self-hosted)
    WordPress SEO version:

    I did this:

    – installed wordpress SEO new (I hadn’t used it before)
    – deactivated all other plugins at the same time (8) so that only WPSEO was running

    I expected the plugin to do this:

    – show options under the tabs

    Instead it did this:

    – displayed the tabs, but with nothing under them (i.e. just a blank white screen)
    looks like this

    This is the ONLY option which doesn’t work – all other aspects of WordPress SEO work for me without any problems whatsoever.

    There are several other threads touching on this, but a lot of people found that de-activating other plugins worked – for me, this did NOT work as I deactivated all other plugins and found the same problem.

    I do not get any sort of memory message down the bottom of the page, as some people have found.

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    Okay, to do this I needed to increase the memory limit from 32 to 64MB. If you do not know how to do this, I suggest googling “PHP memory_limit increase” or something similar, as it is not simple and there are several methods that work for some people and not for others. If all else fails, contact your host.

    Since I had not deleted the other plugins, deactivating them clearly didn’t make a difference.

    Good luck!

    There was a problem with All in one events calendar (versions under 1.9.1) and WP SEO (v now solved and working fine after upgrade.

    Hope it also helps anyone with this tab problem.

    I’m having this exact problem.

    I’ve had the plugin installed for some time though, maybe a month or more, and all my titles and metas are set but now i cant change them!

    I have turned off all the other plugins but it still doesn’t work. Just like tokiwinter said – its just the titles and meta tabs that are blank. However, when I go into each individual page it used to let me change the titles and metas of each individual page, but now that is blank too. The only place I can see the titles and metas of my pages is on the summary “pages” page where all the individual pages are listed with their titles and metas together.


    Because it seems to be a memory problem (if you’ve turned off all other plugins), I would think that at some point you’ve added a plugin that just pushes you over the available memory limit or somesuch. In that case, follow my solution by increasing your memory limit (I suggest googling for the solution).

    Some people found the AIO Calendar was the cause, but a lot of others had never used that.

    Try increasing the memory limit and I’m pretty sure your problem will be solved.

    I think y’all are onto something with the memory limit problem. I have three websites with the same plugins installed. Two of the sites are with the same host (host 1), and the third site is with another host (host 2). The two sites with host 1 both have this problem, while the site with host 2 does not have the problem. The memory limit is set to 40MB with host 1 and 256MB with host 2.(I used the PHP Server Info plugin to see the memory limits.)

    I have asked host 1 to bump the memory limit up to 64MB. I won’t change anything else on these sites until the memory limit has been increased, and will then test again. I will report the outcome here.

    In a follow-up to my previous post above, I can confirm that the memory increase to 64MB solved the problem. The Titles & Metas screen loads properly and all tabs work properly.

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