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    “disappeared”? Could you check “Screen options” in the top right and see if WP SEO just hasn’t been deactivated?

    In fact it is active and all menus are active, but the the only broken menu is “Title and Meta”. I can see only the top menu with “General”, “taxonomies”, other menu members and a button “Save settings”. Before 3.5 update there were a number of options between the top menu and the “Save” button

    I tried to disable the plugin and enable it again but with no changes. I remember how things went: in WP admin I saw a message that there were 3 new updates: a theme, SEO, WP 3.5. I chose to update the SEO plugin, then updated the WP. Then during tuning the SEO features I opened the “Titles and Meta” menu and found it empty

    please have a look at the printscreen:

    everything is in Russian, but I’m sure you’ll understand

    I get exactly the same problem – just after upgrading to the latest plugin update and then wordpress 3.5.

    I have the same problem. Let me add that not only in the titles and metà but also in all pages or posts admin page the wordpress SEO disappear.
    Many thanks

    I confirm – SEO is disappeared but in addition to that I’ve noticed that even the text editor bar is empty either. Probably some bugs with CSS



    Same problem here. Titles & Metas is missing, other than the navigation bar at the top (General – Home – Post Types etc.)

    Has anyone figured this out yet?



    I’m also having this problem. It’s a javascript problem as that’s what displays the contents of the Title & Metas section. Do the other standard wordpress dashboard menu options also no longer pop-out of their left-hand sidebars for you guys?

    Here is my post about the problem and my discoveries so far. Hoping to get an answer on this one.



    same problem



    I had the same issue and found there was a conflict with another plugin. In my case, it was All in One Event Calendar.



    Hey there,

    I am having the same problems after updating to 3.5, but the problem only appears in one of my websites (both upgraded). Is it possible that it is a theme issue?

    The same problem occurs with the Contactform7-Plugin. There I’ve got the same problems with the backend (missing parts).

    Do you have any ideas why it only happens to certain WP-installations?

    Best regards




    I was thinking the same thing – that this might be a theme related problem. Except I’ve installed wordpress seo on a clean installation of the theme I’m using and this doesn’t happen. I’ve then combined it with all the plugins I use, one by one, which do no include the calendar or contact form plugins mentioned, and the titles & metas still show up. I have yet to isolate the problem but I think it doesn’t occur until I start changing values and configuring the wordpress seo plugin.

    One thing I do know is that I am getting javascript errors in my admin dashboard and all the errors are in the wordpress seo sections of the site’s scrips.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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