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  1. IstanbulMMV
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Hi. I am using the default twentyten theme and have wp_enqueue_script('comment-reply') enabled in the <head> of my theme. As per the Codex, when a user replies to a comment, 'Leave a Reply to %s' should be invoked.

    With wp_enqueue_script('comment-reply') enabled however, 'Leave a Reply' is returned rather than 'Leave a Reply to %s' (i.e. the linked name of the comment author does not appear). When I comment out wp_enqueue_script('comment-reply') I DO get the linked name of the comment author, but am now missing the lovely inline comment form (the comment form remains at the bottom of the page below the very last comment).

    Is the behaviour described above the expected outcome or is a JavaScript/code conflict messing things up somewhere?

    // default comment_form values abbreviated below...

    'title_reply' => __( 'Leave a Reply' ),
    'title_reply_to' => __( 'Leave a Reply to %s' ),
    'cancel_reply_link' => __( 'Cancel reply' ),
    'label_submit' => __( 'Post Comment' )

    Many thanks

  2. joepahl
    Posted 5 years ago #

    Same issue here. Surprised more people haven't reported it.

  3. darrinb
    Posted 5 years ago #

    "Leave a reply to %s", is only enabled when the comment-reply script isn't used or when javascript is turned off.

    See here in the Codex:

    Displays text based on comment reply status. This only affects users with Javascript disabled or pages without the comment-reply.js JavaScript loaded. This tag is normally used directly below <div id="respond"> and before the comment form.


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