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  • can someone tell me what i need to do to get the posts title under the thumbnail instead of to the right of the thumbnail? (Widget)

    Heres a screenshot of how it looks right now:

    as you can see, the title and the stats is to the right of the widget thumbnail. i want them to be BELOW it.

    thank you!

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  • I would also like this, either above or below, it looks bad with the text right next to the picture.

    Ok, I figured it out. Open up wordpress-popular-posts.php and go to line 735 which should look like this:

    $content .= '<li>'. $thumb .'<a href="'. get_permalink($wppost->ID) .'" title="'. $title_attr .'"><span class="wpp-post-title">'. $tit .'</span></a>'. $post_content .' '. $stats . $rating .'</li>' . "\n";

    In order to get the title of the post to show up on top of the thumbnail, replace that code with this:

    $content .= '<li><a href="'. get_permalink($wppost->ID) .'" title="'. $title_attr .'"><span class="wpp-post-title">'. $tit .'</span></a>'. $thumb .' '. $post_content .' '. $stats . $rating .'</li>' . "\n";

    Or to have the title show up below the thumbnail, change it to this:

    $content .= '<li>'. $thumb .'<br><a href="'. get_permalink($wppost->ID) .'" title="'. $title_attr .'"><span class="wpp-post-title">'. $tit .'</span></a>'. $post_content .' '. $stats . $rating .'</li>' . "\n";

    just tried to add the code to get the title below the thumbnail but it didnt work :/ i still see the title as they are

    I’m using it on my website and it works fine:

    nope, nothing here!

    tried the one “below” the post and it didnt work at all 🙁

    Can you share the actual page? May be solvable with css without the need to modify the plugin

    Use the plugin editor in the backend of WordPress to edit the plugin instead of FTP, also are you using any cache plugins? Perhaps your website is cached so you are not seeing the change you made, I assure you the modification works though, I’m using it on 3 websites now

    just tried with editing the plugin via the plugin editor and it didnt work. i also cleared the cache files etc.

    heres an example: check the thumbnails on the sidebar!

    anyone had the time to check what could cause this not to be working on my site? the “new” code is up and running on the site but it still doesnt work

    add this to your css img.wpp-thumbnail { margin: 0 120px 0 0 ; } It works as you want’t, its not the best solution, but the code that the plugin outputs its not very good, so its the only way

    thank you, that worked BUT it kinda medded up my pages were i have the popular post displayed. like this one:

    as you can see, all the links on the page is far away from the thumbnail and not really “connected” with the thumbnails. Is that possible to fix?

    Ya, that’s a real sloppy way to do that, just use the code that I posted earlier, it works fine. All you have to do is add a <br> after the thumbnail code.

    Yes, i see, well if you can change the output code, you can do as haredx recomends, or add this too .entry img.wpp-thumbnail { margin-right: 0 ; } again, these are like mends, because the output code doesnt allow you much flexibility, this solution will have to do

    i added that to the themes css and it seems to be better now. i wish that there would be a way to add more “space” between the pages thumbnails ( ). they are to close to each other

    There’s no way to do that, because there are a bunch of lists, and the parent ul doesn’t contain a class, if you add a class, then its possible. I assume you are talking about the thumbnails in the middle of the page (content)

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