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  • It’s odd to me that when using an SEO title, the title does not add the site name to the title. When using the SEO title, it should respect the template structure, such as %%title%% – %%sitename%% but just replace the %%title%% with the SEO title ā€” keeping the ” – %%sitename%%” from the title template.

    At least this is how it looks in the preview generator.

    I want the titles to appear as %%SEOtitle%% – %%sitename%%

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  • I’ve discovered that this situation described above is why some of us are seeing titles not being rewritten. See my comment on the post here:

    Basically, if you use the SEO field, the title templates are ignored, and therefore if your title template is “%%title%% – %%sitename%%” you expect Yoast SEO to output “SEOtitle – %%sitename%%” when you use the SEO title field, instead it just outputs only the title you entered in the SEO field.

    This seems like it should be pretty simple to figure out and fix for Yoast.

    Hehe, I came here to post about the same thing.

    I agree with you. The per-post, SEO title should still respect the title template. My title template is “%%title%% | WP ;)”. When I use an “SEO title”, I simply want it to replace %%title%% from the template–not replace the whole thing!

    I emailed Yoast about it, he said it was a “feature, not a bug” but was planning to make it optional.

    I replied to ask why, but have not heard back yet.

    Yeah, I suspected that this behavior was a design choice rather than a bug. I can see how some people could find it more useful than the behavior that you and I prefer.

    Hopefully he’ll add it as an option soon enough…

    I can only envision it as it is currently if one did not enter anything for title templates ā€”Ā if you set up a template, obviously you want it structured that way.

    I am hoping we see an option on the post meta box itself, and not something global-only ā€” meaning there’s a checkbox to implement it globally or not (to respect the title template) but you can toggle it per post/page.

    How do you see it more useful for some to not have it use the title template? Can’t think of a reason. I didn’t think that much about it though šŸ™‚

    One scenario where you might wanna override the template is when you have a long title and prefer to use the entire 65-70 characters for the post title and not have the site name in there, so that you avoid having your title in the SERPs snipped with “…”

    But yeah, I think having the SEO title respect the global template is a more useful implementation.

    Agreed, that makes sense. Glad he’s making it optional!

    Weird, I’ve used the Yoast Title Tags and they don’t recognize anything, instead of “post title” I end up with “blog name >> Blog Archive >> Post Title >> Blog Name”
    and I’m just using %%title%% tag… which should display “Post Title”

    Any Idea on how to change it?

    Did you check the “Force rewrite titles” option? I use a child theme based off the official twentyten theme, which doesn’t have the required structure for the Yoast titles rewriting.

    Hey thanks… I did and it started showing random titles :S
    And its weird since this should be one of the easiest parts of the SEO stuff šŸ˜‰

    Which theme do you use? Any other plugins or settings that might be conflicting with this?

    Hi , i’m checking that… i use a custom theme… but the wp-title is so basic that I still don’t get how they can have that wrong :S

    Many thanks for your help šŸ™‚

    Hey there… uninstalling YOAST for this issue šŸ™‚
    I’ll keep using All in One Seo Plugin and some of the individual YOAST plugins

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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