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  • Okay, this is a minor request but is something just really bugs me. I don’t like cluttering up more space with text captions, but like to provide some kind of description in the form of the title tag for images. Adding in a description in WordPress only enters it as an alt tag, which only IE shows on mouseover. Unfortunately no one I know, or who reads my blog that I’m aware of, uses IE regularly.

    There is currently no way to tell wordpress to apply the description text for images to a title tag. The HTML standard sets the title tag as the source for mouseover text, and browsers like Firefox and Opera and Safari simply adopt that standard where IE did not. At present the only way I can get mouseover text to appear for my images is to manually enter each and every one. If there is any easier way that someone is aware of I would love to hear it. Otherwise it’s an option I would like to see implemented if at all possible.

    Thanks for your time.

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  • That’s just the way the web works. You have to manually add title="your descriptive text" to your image tag. There are a number of plugins that will render “pretty” tooltips.

    I guess. Still though, seems like it would be a pretty simple option to allows users to decide which tag to apply the description too, or just add it to both automatically. For now, yeah, I just add them manually.

    Slightly off topic, I use a little hack to align my images in posts. After setting up the styles in the CSS, I was too lazy to keep manually adding class=”alignleft” or whatever to the image tags so I modded the quicktags.js file in wp-includes adding 2 extra buttons to the toolbar – left and right. Now I simply click which one I want to automagically align the image. I suppose one might be able to adapt this for what you’re talking about but in your case the end result is still the same thing – rather than add the text to the tag you add it to a popup, so there really is no difference.

    I posted a dirty solution that updates title and alt attributes from the media library (WordPress 2.5)

    I am not sure if that works for WordPress 2.3.3, and it is really really dirty programming. Maybe someone can come up with a cleaner solution I don’t have more time to look into this.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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