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  1. ashes999
    Posted 9 years ago #

    When I change my permalink structure to custom, and put in /%postname%/, it works, and updates my .htaccess file fine; but the actual blog is broken, the links give me an error 404 (not found), and if I edit the URL manually to put in /index.php before the post-name, it works.

    But what gives? I set it up so it's JUST the postname...

  2. ashes999
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Sorry, I realizise this is an ongoing issue with a lot of frustration for a lot of people.

    If you're past WP2.01, then I suggest you upgrade to the latest. My solution was to paste the suggested .htaccess stuff wordpress suggested into the file--for some reason, even with the right file access (777, anyone?) it didn't update properly.

  3. elihorne
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I'm having a similar problem, although your solution didn't work for me.

    I went so far as to export my XML file, reinstall wordpress on a fresh database, and then repopulate. My custom permalinks worked for a couple hours, but are now back to generating 404's like nobody's business.

    Anyone know whats up with this? I've tried switching my permalinks back to less non-standard format (/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/) with no avail.

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