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  • Resolved Maria


    Good morning,

    I am having problems with the resulting title on both, category and tag pages.

    It shows:
    Archivo Categorías: %s Que hacer en….
    Archivos etiqueta: %s Al aire libre…

    Where and how can I change this? I would love to only display the Title, without anything in front of it, even less the %s

    Plugins installed and activated: Gallery, Regenerate Thumbnails, Transposh. All very necesary. 🙂
    Plugins installed and deactivated: Easy Bootstrap Shortcode. This plugin broke the theme.

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  • About %s, I think is a problem with the theme spanish translation.
    Anyway you can solve your problem trying to add to your child theme functions.php these lines:

    add_filter('tc_category_archive_title', 'my_category_archive_title');
    function my_category_archive_title($original) {
        return '';

    Thank you very much for the fast reply.

    But I don’t know if I got your answer right – what do you mean with “child theme functions.php”. Do I have to make a child theme for funcions.php? I only got one for css.

    Well, let me see if I got.
    You have a child theme with a style.css inside right?
    Then create a file named “functions.php” inside the child directory.
    If your child directory is “foo”, you will have this.


    Then edit this file functions.php, this way:

    // All your functions here

    And paste the snippet. Then you’ll have this:

    add_filter('tc_category_archive_title', 'my_category_archive_title');
    function my_category_archive_title($original) {
        return '';

    Hope this helps, but if don’t try to take a look at how to create a child theme:

    🙂 Thank you very, very much!

    However, the problem could be: I installed wordpress in english first, then I added the Transposh.

    The main language of the blog is spanish, so it did not translate the core words.

    Yesterday, in the update notice it said I could update also in spanish, which is new and what I did. This might be the Problem.

    Maybe on a totally new install in spanish it would not happen. However, in the translated languages from Transposh the titles are o.k.

    Maria, don’t know what to say.
    If you apply what I wrote you can solve the problem.
    Don’t know about Transposh plugin but I can tell you that the problem of the %s is an “error” in the customizr translation (lang/es_ES.po).
    But the thing is that you don’t want the whole Archivo Categorías: %s at all. So you don’t have to care about translation, you just have to remove that string, and the snippet above does that.
    As alternative you might hide it with css, if you give me a link to your site I can help you better.

    The install is on a clients testing domain and I do not want to publish it.

    As soon as I upload the defenite web, I first do a first wordpress install in spanish. If that does not solve the problem, I will try your snippet on a child functions.php and will keep you informed.

    Thank you so much. You have better Support than many pro themes. 🙂

    Thanks, but I’m only an user. I’m not related to the theme developer.

    Ah, forgot that you asked also for tag, then add also this to your functions.php

    add_filter('tag_archive_title', 'my_tag_archive_title');
    function my_tag_archive_title($original) {
        return '';

    Your snippeds work out perfect: Thank you again 🙂

    This is a known bug in the current version. Nikeo has it on his list of bugs to fix in the next version.

    For anyone else who has this problem, I would recommend changing instead the language file in these cases, with poedit. See here for more details. The reason is that this also has the advantage of opening up the world of multilingual translation files, which will allow you to change any Customizr phrase in your language.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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