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  • usafdcc


    I having problems getting this to work with permalinks. Has anyone else running permalinks got this plugin to work?



    Every place I’ve seen it runs fine, can I see your index code so I can see what’s wrong?



    usafdcc – you’re not outputting the title…. all that does is create the H3 tag, but there’s no data in it nor a call to anything else.



    Do I change both the_title tags?


    The script to generate the image is working fine, so I would just try implementing the code one more time. I’ll be in the IRC room for a while if you need me.



    Update: I found the problem: in the DOCS for this plugin is says to change the_title to title_images when in reality the call should be image_title. After I made that change to the call, everything worked fine.



    Ah, alright, I’m so sorry for that error, the docs will be fixed


    I thought I’d add to this thread… as I had a serious problem with it not working at all. It would generate an image, but with no text.
    Thinking at first it was a problem with my font, it wasn’t until I added a manual text value in the file that I found it worked. So obviously it just wasn’t capturing the title text… how to fix this?
    Well I found that generate.php starting with:
    $text = urldecode(urldecode($string));
    as it does in the install file didn’t work, as the query string wasn’t being passed to the rest of the script.
    I added this code before that:
    $string = $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING']; // get query string using super globals
    $string = substr($string, strpos($string, "=")+1); // get the string after the "string=" part.

    this solved my problem. I hope it will help other people.



    Hello. Can this work with type 1 fonts? I have the pfb and pfm files for a nice font and would like to use it on my site. If not, can anyone suggest a nice way to convert it to a truetype font?
    Thankyou for your time.



    I have updated this plugin and added a easy to use user interface so there is no editing of the config file. Read more about the new plugin at The Plugin Development Page



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    Cheers! It’s a great plugin. I’ll upgrade when I get home.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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