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    I’ve just looked at our blog for the first time on mac and using Safari and Firefox I can’t view the large green FAIR* image at the top. The link still works to take to viewer back to the main page – but the image doesn’t show up.

    Does anyone have any tips? Many thanks

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  • Try removing the quotes around the URL.

    ie. not url(‘’) but url(

    Hi thanks for that – I’ve done that but it still doesn’t seem to show.

    I just looked more closely at the code and it looks a bit weird having the url specified in a style declaration in a div on the page. Mind you, I really just hack my way through HTML/CSS until I get what I want, so the fact it looks weird to me doesn’t mean much.

    Anyway, what I’d do next if I were you is to put all that styling to do with the header div in the style sheet and get it off the page. So you’d start with something like:

    #header {

    (or add that bit to any style declarations for the header that are already in your style-sheet).


    Thanks so much for your detailed reply. I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I’m completely lost with code and don’t really understand what you mean. I can post any code up here that you want if needed.

    Let me know what you need me to do and I’ll do it.

    Many thanks again.

    You’re almost there, judging by what you have on the page. Just edit the code you already have so that it says:

    body {background: url( no-repeat 20px 100px; }

    At the moment you have the file path wrong, you’d have the image repeating over the whole page, and it’s not positioned.

    The code I’ve suggested will probably not place the image exactly where you want it, but play around with the two numbers until you get the right position. The first number positions it horizontally, and the second vertically, from the top left of the page.


    I’ve just put your code into the header template but the image is still not showing in firefox.

    I really do appreciate your efforts – thanks so much.

    I’m kind of astonished. I tried that code on a test page in my own site and it worked fine — it pulled the image right from your site.

    Could you try putting the code back in your header so that I can take another look? You’re really very close to having this licked.

    Hi fairbrand,

    I have two sites on Blogger that I haven’t converted over yet to WordPress. I have the same problem with viewing my header with Firefox. IE, it’s fine, but with Firefox I haven’t been able to view my headers since I upgraded recently to Firefox 2.0 My OS is Windows XP, so your challenge isn’t limited to Mac.

    I’ve searched through the Firefox forum and info and tried a few things suggested over there, but to no avail. I’ll be interested to learn if you come up with a resolve since I’m faced with the same challenge.

    Haecitty I can email over all the code you need it you want? Drop me an email mark at fairbrand org ok? I can send over anything you need.

    Many thanks for all your efforts again, it is appreciated.


    Sure thing.

    thanks so much for your help. Everything is now fine, and I really appreciate all your efforts. Thanks again.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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