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  • Hello,

    New to WordPress so it might all be my fault. I have installed WP 1.5 normally in the default Linux www directories and it works fine … but.

    Some background information, my net is a simple one with a cable modem and a Linksys Befsr41 router. There are multiple windowsXP machines on my private net. The router is set for DHCP with a range of IP addresses limited to 50. I use a fixed address for the Linux WP server that is out of the DHCP range and all is fine. In fact letting the sever get an IP from the DHCP server changes nothing.

    I am using the default theme, default settings, nothing fancy while I try and figure out what is wrong.

    Here is where the problem is — I can reach the WP blog with either of these addresses …

    But when I try … <= note no trailing ‘/’

    I get redirected to google and it does a look up and returns a site which has a similar title to my server’s hostname.

    OK you say, don’t do that — well as best I can tell that is what is sent out as a URL request by WP when I click the blog’s title in the heading — clicking on the title to get back to the blog home page gets redirected to

    Everything else seems to work fine — so far.

    Suggestions? Bug?


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