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  • rhythmofthecosmos



    I the All in one SEO plugin there is the option of Title Attribute and Menu Label..

    Can someone explain what this means?

    What I understand from this site…re-for-aioseop

    Is that the Menu label gives you how the page is linked, so you add your page to a site and it and it links with those words as described.. the title attribute is like a pop up thing with a short description of what you entered..

    Now when I add text into the menu label, my navigation bar changes to what I have entered affecting my drop down menu…

    What am I doing wrong??


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  • James M


    The Title Attribute option is for the actual link in your navigation.
    By default, if you put your mouse over one of your links, it says the same thing as the link. This option allows you to make that mouse over text (the link’s title attribute) something different than the link text it’s self.

    ex: This is my page

    The Menu Label option is if say your page title was long, too long for your navigation bar, you could provide different text for the link.

    So, lets say you had a ‘Welcome’ page. But the actual page title was, ‘Welcome to my really awesome site’.
    So your navigation would look like:
    Welcome to my really awesome site | About Us | Contact Us ….

    Well, that would allow you to have just the word Welcome, instead of the long page title.

    Hope that helps and make sense.




    Thanks for the reply..

    Yup, I understand more now..

    But how does this improve SEO? Does the words used for title attributes count for keywords??

    Still gonna need a bit more research in order to get the most out of this pluing :0

    This was extremely useful. Thanks 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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