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  • Hello, I run Gamium, a Drupal site ( Drupal was easy to set up, and actually merged pretty well with what we were expecting.

    However, it’s not very resilient to spikes in traffic, the post writing screen is very primitive, I’ve had little luck using a WYSIWYG javascript editor, I can’t get the blogging API to work, and now my editors are complaining that they can’t add screenshots and pictures to posts. And looking into the “Drupal way” of adding images… I don’t look forward to it. (Nor do I look forward to explaining it.)

    I have a WordPress blog. It’s easy and fun, full of features, handles images super easily, and will let me use a blogging program to upload without struggling through a backend. I like it, and want to move over.


    In Drupal, the review category (Game, Snack, Movie, etc), score (EPIC WIN, MEH, FAIL, etc), and console (Nintendo Wii, Windows PC, Other, etc) are all separate tag taxonomies. There is also a freetagging taxonomy. The upshot of this, and what initially got me to use Drupal, is that each “taxonomy” has it’s own input box. So when you add a review, you see:

    CONSOLE: [ Dropdown of console choices ]
    CATEGORY: [ Dropdown of review types ]
    SCORE: [ Dropdown of scores ]

    This makes sure that every review has a Console, Category, and Score at a minimum. I can then pull the Score with the template to show score images, etc.

    However, I can’t figure out how to do something similar in WordPress. It seems that I can have “categories” and “tags” and that’s it. I mean, I could make it policy that you have to pick one of each from the category box and add tags, but that’s not as user friendly as the Drupal way.

    Any ideas? If I could get that *one feature* to work (or replace it with something better and more WordPress-y), I’d be all over WordPress, and the site would be converted just as fast as I could get the site template converted. I just don’t have enough experience with WordPress to know all the ins and outs.

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