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  • I have been using wordpress for many many years now, and I think that I have a lot of old redundant files and code milling around taking up space on my server.

    I am wanting to do a complete wipe and re-install when WordPress 2.7 comes out, but I am unsure about going ahead with it until I’ve had some community feedback. Are there any tips, tricks and pitfalls that people who have done this think I need to avoid?

    Thanks all for your time

    Heidi :0)

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    Well my feedback is this: as long as

    1) You have backups of all the files and the complete database of your blog,

    2) You are confident and know that you can restore both your files and database

    then go for it 🙂 If you have the ability to restore your whole blog to the way it was before you tried wiping everything out, you should be good to go.

    Personally I prefer to export my blog to WXR, create an empty blog, and import the whole thing cleanly.

    I had to re-do the widgets, authors/users, and plugins but my blog is small so it was not a big deal. My images in wp-content didn’t move and the permalinks were put back the way they were then it’s all good.

    It’s not the easiest way to upgrade but it did clean up my database.

    Thanks for your tips.

    Anybody know of any thing I should watch out for? I.e. pitfalls that people have come across

    I would think you can do a ‘stand-alone’ replacement with 2.7.
    You would need to keep only the wp-config.php, as in the Upgrade Instructions but I would leave wp-content Folder alone – the stuff in there should be fine aside from any Plug-ins that may need updating, which you would likely be advised of anyway.

    Is there a lot of trash in your ROOT directory? I have ONLY the ones from the WP 2.7 upgrade, plus some [-orig] versions I named so as to save incase I wanted to swap back to that file version. But all the files in there that are being used are straight 2.7 version aside from my Config which I updated with the Secret Word thingy at about ver 2.6.3.

    My first version was before 2.3 (my first upgrade was 2.3) and I recall I had to ditch all sorts of files and folders – which in my Direct-Admin setup means file by file and folder by folder!!
    I still have not managed a satisfactory WP Auto-Upgrade but mebbe 2.8!!

    The more I have experimented with WP the more I realise, once it’s working, it’s almost as foolproof as people without problems say! The Root Directory, wp-admin and wp-includes are all you need for WP 2.7 to work, as such. After that the ‘pretty bits’ are really in your database, all your ‘stuff’ and graphics, I think.

    They say scary stuff in here (the Forum) about security and the need to keep on top of Upgrades. Also the need to rely after WP 2.7 on the WAU Plugin. Haffunt gottit ta wurk yet ggrrr

    TIP: Don’t miss any files in the upload to your server. I missed ONE template file !! Maxwell Smart said it all!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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