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    WG has been working well but just got hit today with multiple registration spammers who apparently got through the security questions (“SQs”). So…
    1. Should security questions be changed regularly?
    2. How many SQs should there be live at any one time?
    3. What are the best question types and hardest to crack (by spammers)?


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  • Anybody? Also:

    4. When/how ofter are questions changed? When I test by refresh/clear cache, it’s still the same question (for me on my IP).

    Plugin Author Jose Conti


    Hi Haraldo88,

    The best questions are the no logical questions, ex; never use math questions. Math question can be resolved by many bots. Use questions like the color of the ocean is: blue, white o yellow.

    Use many questions, +4

    Change the questions every week, but it depende of your site popularity.

    And there are two types of Sploggers, bots and “Chinese farms”. With the first one, the security questions works great, but with the second one, only works the WangGuard algorithm. We are working hard improving the algorithm but when the “Chinese farm” use a clean IP, email or domain, is very difficult to stop them on registration. Normally, they are cached with the WangGuard cron after registration.

    Kind regards

    ¡Hola José!

    Thanks for this response and I understand it. Interesting about “Chinese farm” because I started using WG after being hit by them.

    Q: You give “Replied OK/Wrong” numbers for each question. Do these numbers show which questions are working better or worse? High or low ratio? (OK/Wrong x 100) Or is there another way to see which are better or worse questions I am using from these numbers?


    Plugin Author Jose Conti


    Hola 🙂

    The security question indicates how many responses are ok and how many are wrong.

    If you see that there are many splogger signing up on your site and one of the questions has a very low rate ex 110 ok / 2 wrong that’s a very bad question or maybe the answer is cached by robots (the security questions don’t work with Chinese farms because are humans), so you need to change it.


    Bueno. Thanks!

    Plugin Author Jose Conti


    You’re welcome

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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