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  • Hi

    I´m making a (subscribing) membership site where members details will be visible to one anther under six main classifications of members, and some sub-categories.
    I’m going to be pushing my coding limits on this one and hoped that someone might guide at this stage so that don’t lose too much time.

    It is planned that members´ information will be collected on a series of three questionaires.

    I already bought ‘Formidable’ to assist with the data collection. It integrates with AWeber, and for subscription management S2 Pro or WooCommerce Subscriptions. I see that S2 has it’s own forms for data collection but I don’t know if it will allow data to be collected on three separate forms and then referenced to the same member.

    Once I have data I plan to make a custom page template for each of the membership categories and to call the information from the database. the exact details are still pretty sketchy.

    I considered using Buddypress but the site doesn’t want to facilitate in-site discussions, just a display of member information and external contact details.

    if someone has experience of something similar or can shed some light on the many grey areas I would really like to hear from them. maybe Buddypress still is the best route


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