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  • i think i’ve found a way to rotate banners using jQuery Cycle.

    the site is already loading the jquery.cycle.all.js script cos i’m using Meteor Slides – if yours doesn’t, find a way to load the script, probably through your functions.php or another slideshow plugin.

    all you need then is to set your WP Bannerize widget to show more than 1 banner (of course) and to target the group’s css class with the jQuery Cycle function:

    <script type=”text/javascript”>
    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    fx: ‘fade’ // choose your transition type, ex: fade, scrollUp, shuffle, etc…

    (you could, of course, target all of your ad widgets by using the .wp_bannerize class)

    to insert the javascript above, i’m using the Enhanced Text plugin, introducing a widget right above the WP Bannerize one.

    to recap: install Metero Slides (or make sure jquery.cycle.all.js is loaded on your site), install Enhanced Text (or any other plugin that lets you add javascript in a text widget), set WP Bannerize widget “Max” to more than 1, insert the jQuery Cycle function with your desired effect right above it.
    that’s all.

    for more jQuery Cycle effects and settings, visit:

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  • But, if I need to put it directly in a theme?

    then get your theme to load jquery.cycle, insert your preferred script function in it (making sure it targets the group’s css class) and that should work just the same.

    It doesn’t work for me.
    I get cyclone slider to charge jquery, but enhanced text widget doesn’t display.

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    i’m not following you…
    Enhanced Text is not supposed to display anything in this case. it’s only being used to store the js function, which won’t display anything, only apply the Cycle effect to the targeted class.
    also, you were talking about using the solution directly in a theme, so why do you need Enhanced Text?
    one more thing: Cyclone Slider loads Cycle2, which is not the same Cycle javascript i used.

    Simply I tried to load function in a widget, to see Jquery effect.
    Maybe the problem is Cycle2…

    i believe so, it looks like Cycle2 has a different way of making things…
    you should actually try Cycle2 own js function, if there’s one that can target css classes of listed items.

    i’ve tried the trick with the Cycle js function stuffed in an Enhanced Widget on top of a category posts widget, which outputs the latest few posts from a certain category in a ul list, by targeting the ul class, and it does work too.

    Plugin Author gfazioli


    this WP Bannerize version is no longer supported. Please, feel free to upgrade to the new xTreme version of Bannerize from

    Next we release a new awesome extension to rotate the banners in real time!


    hi gfazioli
    is the new version still available for free?
    and what about the rest of

    Yes, we need more information about this issue and about this semi-abandoned plugin…
    A lot of months waiting about any news, and no information for us!

    So, will new version of Bannerize free?
    Please, tell us about a roadmap…

    Plugin Author gfazioli


    Bannerize is free! Please feel free to try the new version
    ROADMAP and more info on our blog asap


    forgive me for pestering, but i’ve had really bad experiences with plugins developed for free to begin with, then gone “pro” for a price, whilst the free features have been completely stripped out – something really inappropriate for me.
    i’m trying out the wpxtreme bonanza, which looks quite impressive, but apart from WP Bannerize having (in the desciption, at least) the same features as the one downloadable here, what’s the plan on the “new awesome extension to rotate the banners”? will that still be free?
    i could understand if it becomes “pro” for a price, but in that case will the features we enjoy now still be free?

    Plugin Author gfazioli


    @maxgx, Hi,
    the new xTreme Bannerize version roadmap is:

    * Free base version of Bannerize (similar old 3.4 free on wordpress repo)
    * a series of extensions (free or piad) for:
    – Real time banner rotator
    – Impression and click counting stats
    – Frontend themes
    – and more

    So, stay tuned

    This is not a roadmap, without dates.
    Please, post information about prices too!

    I look forward to this coming out, particularly with the real-time banner rotation. Could not find any info on the site about it though.

    Keep it simple, Wpxtreme!
    A lot of work to put new platform online, but users needs simplicity.
    A few updates of Bannerize make us happy!

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