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    Hello Team,

    You people has done some extra ordinary work in this, Really Amazing.

    But i am here with a problem statement.

    I have installed Simplr-registration-form, and it is working well if i use the short code [Register role=”abc”]

    But when i click on the TinyMICE button to place the webform into my contents, it displays a popup, but that popup is not having anything in it.

    I just have 9 files in my plugin directory

    1. readme
    2. registration_16x16.gif
    3. registration_24x24.png
    4. screenshot-1.png
    5. simplr_admin.css
    6. simplr_reg.css
    7. simplr_reg.js
    8. simplr_reg_options.php
    9. simplr_reg_page.php

    Please help me out to figure out the problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Same problem here too.
    No hard code editing available, so I’m unable to add/edit any field to my registration form.

    It’s just taking the default form.

    Please make an update available for WP 3.5.1

    Plugin Author mpvanwinkle77


    Hello, I completely rebuilt the popup in the new version. Please update to 2.2.0 and try again. Best,

    Hi, i have the newest version installed, but when i click on the insert button nothing happens…

    If you tell me how i would gladly provide more detailed informations 🙂

    with kind regards

    ok, i found out that [Register role=”subscriber” password=”yes”] insert a standard registration form, i have 2 problems with this:

    1st the other fields like “firstname” or “test” wont show up even if i had them set up as required. they show up on the profile page.
    i need the user to fill them out right at the registration.

    the other thing is. is it possible to translate or setup the labels for “your username” into another language? i would gladly provide a po file, but i cant find this plugin in the CodeStyling Localization 🙁

    another thing would be to hide the registration form for loged in users 🙂 but i think i can hack this my self.

    besides of that i like your plugin 😀 if we ould fix the first 2 issues i would gladly invite you to a coffee 🙂

    with kind regards

    Plugin Author mpvanwinkle77


    joschi, on the TinyMCE button, I’m betting it’s a plugin conflict of some sort, you might try deactivating plugins one by one and seeing if it goes away. If you can narrow down the conflict to something I can replicate then I can try and fix.

    2, regarding the custom fields you need to have those to the shortcode like [register role=”subscriber” fields=”firstname,test”]

    The TinyMCE popup does this for you so if we fix that problem then you should no longer have the issue with fields.

    3, I have not gotten around to localization yet. Is this something you’d be interested in helping me work on?

    4, As for hiding the form for logged in users, I originally had it like that and people complained so I changed it.

    Hi mpvanwinkle77,
    It might be tinyMCE but other Plugins with costomfields work.
    I am fine with the shortcode for now 🙂 thanks for that!

    3) I don’t know how this works, I just know most plugins have it so everyone can edit it.
    What I can do is to give you a translation into German if you like, as I am not a programmer :/
    But I think it would be a smarter solution to let the people label the fields themselves? At least it seems to make sense 🙂 as a workaround I would like to hardcode it :). Can you give me a hint in which file I can find the labels?

    4) it would be a great benefit if there was an option for that 😀 just a checkbox in the options ->

    <?php if ($showalways == “true”) {insert form here}
    else if ( !is_user_logged_in() ) { insert form here } ?>

    As a workaround I will use if ( !is_user_logged_in() ) { echo “[register role=\”subscriber\” fields=\”firstname,test\”]” }
    with shortcoder

    Ive tryed to do some work with the translation thing… my thought was i replace the hardcoded stuff with variables, but i cant get this to work. maybe its a problem with the filters…

    but since i aleready done it maybe you can put this to use:

    //this is the german translation to make it translatable you have to replace the hardcoded values after you initialised the translation hook
    // see:
    $usernamelabel = "Benutzername:";   //replace with __( 'Your Username:', 'my-text-domain' );
    $registerlabel = "Registrieren:"; //replace with __( 'Register', 'my-text-domain' );
    $mustenterusername = "Bitte geben Sie einen Benutzernamen ein."; //replace with __( 'You must enter a username.', 'my-text-domain' );
    $mustenteremail = "Bitte geben Sie Ihre Emailadresse ein"; //replace with __( 'You must enter an email.', 'my-text-domain' );
    $isarequiredfield = " wird benötigt, bitte füllen Sie das Feld aus"; //replace with __( 'is a required field. Please enter a value.', 'my-text-domain' );
    $emailadress = "Emailadresse"; //replace with __( 'Email Address:', 'my-text-domain' );
    $emailaddressconfirm = "Emailadresse wiederholen"; //replace with __( 'Confirm Email:', 'my-text-domain' );
    $emaildontmatch = "Die eingegebenen  Emailadressen stimmen nicht überein."; //replace with __( 'The emails you entered do not match.', 'my-text-domain' );

    a nother thing is that the mails should be editable. i stay with it, the best thing with the least work for you would be if you make the labels + the mails editable. would be a realy great benefit and it would make good use of the potential this plugin has.

    with kind regards…

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