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  • Has anyone had any luck in getting TinyMCE to integrate properly with WP 1.2.1?
    I figured out how to get the script call to show up in the header, as per the instructions, but then when I would try to create a post, as soon as I tried to save it (with either simple or advanced) the text I typed would disappear, as if it had never been entered.
    If anyone has any ideas, I’d be happy to hear them.

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  • There are some WYSIWYG plugins over
    Have you tried it?

    Yup, I’ve tried two others, so far — the FCKEditor-based plugin from, and the HTMLArea-based hack from
    Unfortunately, neither has been completely satisfactory in terms of working 100% correctly and/or to my liking. TinyMCE was mentioned in this thread so I figured I’d give it a try. It was reasonably simple to get working, but unfortunately had the posting glitch I mentioned above.

    If anyone is curious I am running the latest CVS version of tinymce in 1.5. It took all of 2 minutes to integrate it in, and as of yet I have not yet had any problems with saving.

    Haven’t tried the image support though.


    Geoffrey: as it took only 2 minutes for you, it would be nice to share how you did it, if you can invest a couple more minutes to write a simple but efficient mini-tutorial and share it here it would be great. Thansk in advance for sharing 😉



    To integrate TinyMCE with WordPress (I tested it with WP 1.7), check this out:

    I could make it work in 5 minutes following the readme.txt inside the zip. 10 extra minutes to test it, find out an annoyance (when you press enter the scroll bar is focused at the top) and correct it: see Comment by Joe Schmoe � Apr. 28, 2005 @ 12:35 pm.

    TinyMCE is a very good WYSIWYG editor. Strange that I couldn’t find in the “one-click” plugins list.

    So… good luck and enjoy.


    Does anybody knows how… or where to look for a solution of embedding ImageManager plugin (from HtmlArea) to TinyMCE – in such way that all that together could work in WordPress?


    Am I right in thinking that that version of TinyMCE doesn’t support the advanced editing features such as paragraph and header selection (h1, h2, h3, etc.) as featured on the TinyMCE site

    That would be most useful. (I wondered if it was an IE vs. Fx issue, but seemingly not.)

    Also, when I tried it just now the h4 header worked fine when the post was displayed on the front page, but within the category listing view it had gone (although it was still there in the XHTML code!) Odd.


    I quite like Tiny MCE, but I gave up on it because of a truncation problem. For some odd reason TinyMCE was inserting line breaks manually in my content, even though the textarea was breaking naturally several works later. It made all my content look narrow!

    Regardless, getting TinyMCE to work with WP is terribly easy. I think it should be a part of core.


    Further to my previous post about the advanced version of TinyMCE I forgot to say that I had already hacked the file /wp-admin/quicktags.js to include h3 and h4 tags, as I required.

    However, as I’m building this site for an organisation and the people who will be regularly updating the site aren’t au fait with HTML a WYSIWYG solution would be simpler for them.

    I wonder if that WYSIWYG editor can be easily adapted. I’ll look into it at some point. At the moment I just want to get the site finished! What with (a) our host switching off the server completely, and subsequently being most unhelpful in a switch (server and domain names) to another host, and (b) the client changing their collective mind about website specifications every few days (in over 80 emails!!) we are now about 4-5 months behind schedule! If I do manage to alter it I’ll post back here.


    If anyone comes up with a way to use this along with then wp-amazon plugin, please let me know! Everything works fine on the TinyMCE side, it’s just that the code for the Amazon link or image/link isn’t dropped into the textarea anymore so I have to copy & paste by hand. Thanks,

    I got it working v. easily. Nice! Although it takes just slightly too long to load for my liking, is there anyway to speed it up by stripping out unused options?

    AND I just managed to hook it up to my install of Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery, so you can insert images from each gallery using the dropdown library menu in TinyMCE. (See for info on configuring this library option).

    Looks promising, and it means my Mum might be able to update her own website!

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