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    This TinyMCE editor works poorly with Firefox 2.0.

    When I press enter, I have no idea how many vertical spaces will be inserted. Often, multiple vertical spaces show up in the editor, but no vertical spaces show up when I post.

    If I switch to source code view and then back to WYSIWYG view, the TinyMCE window no longer fits in its container, causing certain features to be unavailable. Furthermore, scrolling up and down after doing this often junk or whitespace to full up on the TinyMCE area instead of the actual text.

    Oftentimes TinyMCE is unable to boldface or unboldface my text when I click the B icon, but if I hit ctrl-B, the boldface toggle is successful (albeit the Bookmarks window shows up).

    Overall, I feel that either the TinyMCE product or its implementation in WordPress is just downright awful.

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  • TinyMCE seems to works poorly with any browser! I am using it with IE 7 now, and it’s still breaking. I get an error about leaving the current page when creating an unordered list (bullet points), and when I save a page and re-open it, <p> tags get inserted between the <li> tags and my list item content.

    I am wondering if the WordPress 2.0–>2.1 upgrade instructions were incorrect? I deleted all WordPress files and installed new ones, and that seems to have fixed my problems.

    I’m having similar problems to all of the above. TinyMCE works in very erratic fashion, between Firefox (2.0.03), Opera (9.10) and IE (6.0.2…) in XP. Some functions work in some browsers and not others. It’s pretty terrible in Firefox, my main browser.

    – Visual: B and I don’t format, but they can unformat (in Firefox only), and they do work in IE, but with the error about leaving the page mentioned above

    – switching from Code to Visual strips out all the list formatting

    – to safely switch from Code to Visual after any change, I have to Save, not use the tabs

    There are other quirks like this. It doesn’t seem to be particularly browser-specific, just differently partially broken in different browsers.

    I skimmed around 100 tinymce topic sin the forums and this come closest to describing my situation. Dunno why it’s marked as resolved?

    I saw a thread about modifying the tinymce config file, but I don’t know what to modify, if that would help.

    What can I do?


    It turns out that my problems were probably caused by using an old version of WPG2. I upgraded to 2.1, and most the problems went away. I say “most” because I may still be having an intermittent problem, but I haven’t tracked it down yet.

    Hey, novasource, thanks, that was BRILLIANT! I had WPG2 installed but wasn’t using it. I deactivated it and blam, the formatting is back. Dunno if all the problems are solved, it still messes up code moving between Visual and Code, but the main stuff is back!!!

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