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    sorry a forget add a slider script, please update a 1.5.4.


    Excellent, thanks! However, if I have a Quantity:Multiple write panel, the Visual/HTML toggle doesn’t work for the first section (if I add more sections, it works fine on them). No javascript errors are being thrown, though.
    Hope it’s an easy fix, and thanks for the quick response!

    Also, this issue is occurring on a WordPress multisite build…not sure if the issues are related, but after upgrading to WP 3.1 I am also seeing similar problems to what existed before Magic Fields 1.5.1 (that is, content fields disappearing when saving/publishing/updating a page).

    We’re experiencing what I think may be a related issue on a client site running WP3.1 and MF1.5.4 (PHP5/Apache server). Every once in a while, but not all the time, the content in a multi-line widget will not save unless the “HTML” button is toggled. When this happens, even though the “HTML” button is toggled, the content is still shown as if it were using the visual editor.

    I’ve been able to replicate the issue in several browsers (Chrome 9, FF 3.6, and IE8) and on pages with multiple multi-line MFs and single-line MFs, with different types of content. There doesn’t appear to be any way to determine when the issue will happen.

    Love the plugin – would appreciate some guidance. 🙂

    Yep, that’s exactly what happens for me–neither the Visual or HTML button is toggled on some multi-line widgets, and if you update the page in that state (neither button selected), the data in that field will be lost. If you manually click the HTML button, the TinyMCE editor stays (i.e., it doesn’t switch to a textarea), but the data will be saved.

    In my limited debugging, it’s always the first magic field section that you edit that has this problem. If I have a quantity:multiple write panel, any subsequent section I add will work perfectly. Also note, if I edit an existing page that has multiple magic field sections, whichever one I click on to edit first (it doesn’t have to be the first one at the top) will not work.

    I’m pretty sure it’s not a database issue and should be able to be fixed with some jQuery or javascript calls. The data loss seems to occur because the textarea that doesn’t have the Visual/HTML toggle selected is not tied to the form submit, so the data never gets sent back to the database.

    Again, thanks for the awesome plugin! It has made development of public online courses at the university I work for so much easier.

    Plugin Author hunk


    ok quick fix comment this line 1198 in js/groups.js

    and check if everything is working properly. if it works pleasetell me to add it to the current version

    Yes, that fix works for me!

    In my quick testing, all multiline textboxes worked fine when toggling between Visual/HTML (TinyMCE/textarea). Kudos to you for hunting that down! I’d say it’s safe to include in an update, but the one thing I haven’t tested is interaction with other TinyMCE extension plugins (I have the latest version of TinyMCE Advanced installed, but nothing else).

    I’ll let you know if I run into any problems. Again, thanks!

    That seems to have done the trick – thank you!!!

    Update – the patch worked, but created another problem: the upload/insert media buttons have disappeared. Had to roll back the patch.

    Having the same problem with WP 3.1 and Magic Fields 1.5.4 (toggle between HTML and Visual doesn’t always work and all my linebreaks get stripped away in Visual mode).

    Commenting out line 1198 didn’t help. I still can’t access HTML mode and Visual mode removes all paragraphs.

    Update: If I comment out 1198, I can usually access HTML mode but all the HTML tags/formatting (particularly paragraph tags) gets stripped away when I do that.

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t WordPress’ doing since I disabled wpautop

    Plugin Author hunk


    Hi hotgluemedia, this buttons are in fullscreen mode

    Yes, but without the patch they appear in both places.

    This happens to me as well 🙁 Only solution I’ve found so far is to try to click the HTML button before the page finishes loading…

    Just a quick summary of where this bug stands:

    Applying this:
    * comment out line 1198 in js/groups.js:

    Causes this:
    * Fixed data loss if you don’t click Visual/HTML buttons on 1st magic field;
    * Breaks Upload/Insert media buttons;
    * Breaks other TinyMCE init stuff (how it treats line breaks, etc.)

    Just looking for an update here, thanks guys!

    p.s. any one remember this:
    this is cooler:

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