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    Hi, I have noticed a number of people having issues unable to edit posts with the TinyMCE visual editor buttons not showing.

    After reading solutions that required re-installation or copying TinyMCE files, I realized why I had the necessary files missing.

    If you are using a Windows Server, the default security will block certain files in the zip file download. If the file is blocked, an “unblock” option is available in file properties. Although the file is flagged, when you extract the files, you are not notified that certain files are not extracted.

    This is a repeatable example:

    • Unzip WP 2.8.4 (blocked) = 551 files
    • Unzip WP 2.8.4 (unblocked) = 726 files

    I hope this helps anyone with a similar situation.
    One way to help users may be to include a file integrity check during the install procedure or installation FAQ.

    This is reproducible for manual installations. I have not verified if a similar problem occurs during automatic upgrades through WP.

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    so the solution is to not use windows as a hosting platform then 😉

    For people that are using a win platform, the real solution is to FTP files to their box and not download files from a browser in the server. The security feature is sound, but for the uninitiated can be confusing.

    Sometimes there’s no choice if you have to take over a client’s machine, so while you may be right, so’s the customer. ;D

    Also, if you have the TinyMCE not appearing problem and have applied a solution, clear your browser’s cache (Firefox Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage > Clear Now).

    This ensures the new code for TinyMCE is loaded.

    Good luck.

    I’m on OSX, not windows and upgraded wordpress through the admin panel in my website. Everything else works fine on my website (and the visual editor works fine on my two other websites that went through the same upgrade). Desperate, I made a mess of everything yesterday by deleting and copying files as suggested elsewhere. I needed tech support from my host to restore old version.

    Now I’m back to just missing the visual editor again.

    I don’t have the knowledge to go mucking around in my database without causing serious damage. I’m hoping there’s a solution for non-techies like myself. Or perhaps there’s an updated plugin that will do the job.

    Hello. I downloaded the ZIP file for WP 2.9.2 to my Windows PC. I then unzipped it using WinRAR. I get 753 files. I uploaded them all to the Linux server via FTP.

    Yet I cannot see the Visual (TinyMCE) editor.

    Any ideas?

    I don’t think anyone has a real solution for this problem. I have been struggling with the same issue (e.g. Visual Editor disappeared) and nobody in the WP community really seems to have any ideas. Also, if you search the forums this has been an on-again, off-again issue since 2008. When I hit “Edit” for just a moment I see the visual editor icons and then it disappears (along with the text). If I click over to HTML view the text is there; then I switch back to Visual editor and the text is there but with the HTML tags. Very strange. Would be great if such a key part of the WP experience was resolved.

    It’s been a long time back now, but I believe I found that a permissions problem was the root. I seem to remember than I had made some security related changes to file/folder permissions, and I unwittingly got the TinyMCE problem as a result. I think once I got that fixed, the intended result was seen. Going by faded memory here so I can’t be sure and cannot give any more details. 🙂

    PS: I was able to locate the post where I gave the details on my fix that I found:

    I had same issue …tried ALL solutions…no luck…UNTIL…I found this one…YAY YAY YAY

    To fix WordPress visual editor not showing, follow the steps below:-

    * FTP to your web server
    * Download your wp-config.php and add this line of code at the bottom of the file before the “require_once” line.

    define(‘CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS’, false );




    DougJoseph, oh my gosh that was the magical post!! I knew it was a .htaccess file issue as I have been having that message to update all these .htaccess files in the backend of wordpress. But just didn’t know which one…all of a sudden there are so many! Thanks! the “includes” folder would have been the last place I would think was the problem.

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