tinyMCE upgrade in 3.9 broke javascript in a plugin (2 posts)

  1. Kic00
    Posted 1 year ago #

    Hi - the WP upgrade to 3.9 broke a plugin we are using (which isn't supported by its author anymore).

    The lines of javascript that broke were lines where the author was trying to override the wpeditimage plugin to tinyMCE with this line:
    tinymce.plugins.wpeditImage.prototype._do_shcode = function(co) {

    That line returns a TypeError in the console:
    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'tinymce.plugins.wpeditimage.prototype')

    Is this sort of monkey patching no longer possible? Or do I need a new path or something? The console also isn't showing the wpeditimage object at all as an addressable entity.

  2. bcworkz
    Posted 1 year ago #

    You can still override javascript functions, but the image editor plugin has been completely restructured for 3.9. This is unlikely to be an easy fix. The new structure will need to be examined to determine how it can be altered to work with your plugin.

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