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  • Every now and then I need to enter some HTML code in my posts.
    I switch to HTML view, enter the code and swich back to visual view.
    It looks good. Going to HTML view again, my HMTL code is gone.

    This is really annoying.
    I’ve read this post and this post regarding this issue, but no one seems to have a solution for this problem.

    An old post here, talks about other WYSIWYG editors. But not one editor is really suggested as a good replacement for TInyMCE.

    Is ANYONE using a better editor than TinyMCE?

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  • Do not switch back and forth between the visual and html editors, doing so will mangle your code. If you are adding code, stick to the html editor. The visual editor is NOT a tool for previewing your posts, it is only for people not comfortable with using code. If you wish to preview your unpublished posts, click the Preview this Post button.

    A good WYSIWYG editor doesn not f*** up your code by switching views ;o)

    If you work with tables or links, you don’t want to see the HTML code.

    So…. does anyone have any good alternative?

    Some people use Windows Live Writer with WordPress. I haven’t tried it myself.

    We agree the HTML editor is not truly a raw html editor – it does all kinds of weird tag stripping and code inserting. Has anyone been successful installing something else? We need to allow clients to use the WYSIWYG editor but when we set up the initial site, we definitely need a raw html editor.

    A raw html editor would be great. I seem to have constant strife with tinyMCE and associated plugins (tinyMCE advanced is not solving the tag stripping and inserting issues) requiring time-wasting workarounds. Be nice to see it in the core but a plugin would be a start.

    Hmm this is an interesting discussion.

    I am one of the many people who want line breaks, but I have no tinyMCE config file which is part of the solution in this post. So I wonder if tinyMCE is even configured for my system. I deleted the entire folder and got a couple one-time errors, and otherwise nothing was affected.

    I think this general problem has at least two different root causes for different users. I could be wrong but that;s what I am working with now.

    hmmm…. I found this link which evaluates different editors.

    Maybe some of these could be used?


    Thanks, maybe I will try some of those out. I am pretty confused right now…

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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