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  • A plugin that I’m using (Buddypress ScholarPress) is using the TinyMCE for a form on the front end of my website. It appears as if the TinyMCE loads but is maybe missing something that lets it function properly.

    What I’m seeing in the TinyMCE box, and it defaults to HTML view. When clicking on the “Visual” view, I loose the kitchen sink entirely. If I click on “Visual” once more, I loose the text box.

    I can’t provide a link to the problem as it requires a user to be an admin of the site. But I can provide screenshots. I’m using the TwentyEleven theme that has been modified.

    Default view
    Clicking “Visual” once
    Clicking “Visual” a second time

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  • I have found that when the user role of “edit Pages” is enabled, this behavior occurs. If I disable this function for a user group, the TinyMCE works fine.

    Any thoughts as to why this may be happening?

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