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  • Hello, recently I updated one of the blogs to WP 3.9.2. Now, when I go into post editing, I see some old-style buttons, other buttons are not visible, html/text editing is also hidden.
    Please see my screenshot:
    It seems like some script loads a part of old TinyMCE code, BUT:
    – all plugins are deactivated (plugin folder renamed);
    – theme is TwentyForteen;
    – I have manualy deleted wp-includes and wp-admin folders and uploaded them from fresh repository copy;
    – There are NO javascript errors in console.
    What to do?
    Many thanks in advance for your precious help.

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  • WordPress removed many of the TinyMCE buttons with the latest update. You can add some of them back with the TinyMCE Advanced plugin.

    vtxyzzy, thanks for your reply. But, as you can see on my screenshot, some main buttons have disappeared, for example, vusual/html selector.
    As I have tried everything, I start to think that it could be some lack of memory or other server resources (timeout?) Can it be so?

    I don’t think a lack of memory or resources is the problem. You should back up your site and then re-install WP. Go to Admin->Updates, and click ‘Re-install Now’.

    I reinstalled WP and even copied manually admin and includes folders from fresh repository copy. After that I deleted the entire site and I have made new installation with new empty database and no plugins. And the problem remained!
    That’s why I think that it is lack of resources.
    Though I tried to setup WP_MEMORY_LIMIT constant in my config with no result.

    One last suggestion. Switch to a different theme to see if the problem persists. If it does not, you should delete and reinstall Twenty Fourteen. Note that you will lose any customizations you have made to that theme (but you wouldn’t do that, would you).

    vtxyzzy, many thanks for your suggestions! But I started from deactivating plugins and switching to Twenty Fourteen theme, all like described in Editor Troubleshouting Manuals. And all in vain!
    Now I have moved with my developement to another hosting and my wordpress copy runs fine! Very stange, indeed.

    That sounds to me like it could be a problem with the PHP configuration at the old host.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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