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    First, thanks for you plugin,
    Then why didn’t you use TinyMCE ?

    I tried to do so in woocommerce_wp_textarea_input

    private function woocommerce_wp_textarea_input( $field ) {
    		global $thepostid, $post;
    		if (!$thepostid) $thepostid = $post->ID;
    		if (!isset($field['placeholder'])) $field['placeholder'] = '';
    		if (!isset($field['class'])) $field['class'] = 'short';
    		if (!isset($field['value'])) $field['value'] = get_post_meta($thepostid, $field['id'], true);
    		//echo '<p class="form-field '.$field['id'].'_field"><label for="'.$field['id'].'">'.$field['label'].'</label><textarea class="'.$field['class'].'" name="'.$field['id'].'" id="'.$field['id'].'" placeholder="'.$field['placeholder'].'" rows="2" cols="20"'.(isset($field['style']) ? ' style="'.$field['style'].'"' : '').'">'.esc_textarea( $field['value'] ).'</textarea> ';
    		//if (isset($field['description']) && $field['description']) echo '<span class="description">' .$field['description'] . '</span>';
    		//echo '</p>';
    		/* correction for wp .quicktags-toolbar input : do not print correctly for unknwon reason*/
    		echo '<style type="text/css">';
    		echo '.quicktags-toolbar input {width: auto;}';
    		echo '#wp-'.$field['id'].'-editor-container {background-color: white;}';
    		echo '</style>';
    		echo '<p> Content </p>';
    		/* TinyMCE */
    		the_editor( $field['value'],$field['id']);

    I can’t figure out why I have to use this style coding to avoid problems …

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  • Hey thanks for using my plugin and for the question. I’m afraid there is no plan to add the TinyMCE editor to this plugin I’m afraid; it’s really meant to be the ‘lite’ version of the paid Tab Manager plugin now available on WooThemes which allows for multiple tabs, rearranging tabs, global shared tabs, content editing using the rich editor, improved support, and more.

    Sorry about this, I try to provide some free plugins as a service to those who don’t need the full functionality that the paid ones provides, but I only have so much time to allocate for the freebies as the paid plugins I release are actually the main way I pay the bills around here. Thanks!

    Thanks for the code tamerch. Note that if you want the custom tab output to be formatted correctly you also need to modify this line in the plugin:

    echo apply_filters( ‘woocommerce_custom_product_tabs_lite_content’, $tab[‘content’], $tab );

    to this:

    echo apply_filters( ‘woocommerce_custom_product_tabs_lite_content’, apply_filters(‘the_content’,$tab[‘content’]), $tab );

    closing this

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