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    I’m not sure which part of this is a plugin and which is just included in wordpress, but anyways, here goes:

    I am trying to upload images and place them in a page using the image upload tool, and it places the images much smaller than the actual size.

    Is there a way to get it to automatically drop the images in at the full size? without using the resize handles and trying to guess?

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  • If you toggle the “Using Thumbnail” setting to “Using Original” and then send the image to the editor, does this not work?

    No, it puts there the image in its original file size but still only thumbsize (pixel-wise:).
    One has to click the image in the text area and drag the corners to get a “normal” size.

    If I upload a file, click “Using Thumbnail” to toggle to “Using Original” and select “Send to editor,” it keeps the original size of the image. At least it does *for me.*

    Only if I drag it to the editor form does it turn into a thumbnail image.

    KafkaesquĆ­, are you sure you are using a vanilla 2.0?

    I’m not, which is why I’m asking what everyone else is doing. I’m trying to verify if this is a common problem resolved in the bug fix version (coming soon).

    Sorry I wasn’t clear about that*.

    * Actually, I didn’t seem to note this at all. Goofy me.

    Upload, click > toggle: Using Original; Send to editor ==> a 100 KB file reduced to 128x83px.

    yes, i agree, no matter what i do i seem to have to use the resize handles. is there a better wysiwyg editor out there for wp? one that has tables and more stuff like that ?

    Same issue here. No matter which I choose, I get the same code. I’m not dragging anything anywhere.

    If I choose “Using Original” and then “Send to editor”, the code inserted is for a smaller size, not original size.

    If I choose “Using Thumbnail” the code is the exact same. The image specified is not for the thumbnail version. If I delete the width/height attributes of the inserted code I see the original (large) image size without distortion/pixellation.

    There are 2 versions of the image created in my uploads directory: image.jpg, and image.thumbnail.jpg. No matter what combination I use, I generate no “thumbnail” code. Yet the dimensions would specify otherwise.

    I get the same results regardless of OS/Browser. Is this a glitch in WP 2.0? Tell me which file to hack and I’ll fix it myself.

    thank you.

    This is solved in the coming 2.0.1 version of WP.

    See >>

    Well, I’m using 2.0.1 and it’s still putting in the wrong dimention attributes.


    Yup. I just upgraded to the 2.0.1 thinking this would be fixed. It ain’t. At least the code inserted is correct, it’s just missing it’s height/width attributes.

    Hi I downloaded the new inline-uploading.php from here:

    But it still puts the height attribute in? I really dont understand what I am doing wrong.

    I am using wordpress 2.0.4

    how about just using the ImageManager plugin ?

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