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  • Yep.

    Just go into /wp-includes/js/tinymce and modify the tiny_mce_gzip.php file to the configuration you want.

    Alternatively, you can download a plugin if you don’t want to hack those files. My plugin replaces the built-in editor with a more advanced one. It uses TinyMCE or FCKeditor, spell checking support (if your server supports it), etc. You don’t have to edit any php or js code to use it.

    Nice one – thanks for the help 😀

    Hmmm, the Editor Monkey site is offline. Does anybody have a copy of the zip file?

    It’s back up. I’m trying it ASAP!


    Your Editor Monkey plugin is also a real horror to uninstall, with no warning given in advance that putting it into your admin is one thing, taking it out quite another.

    It also clashes with widgets, meaning it has to be turned off if you’re using it every time you want to activate or rearrange widgets.

    Read this post:

    Editor Monkey wins ‘most intrusive plugin of the century’ award and is a real pig to remove. But it can be done!

    And no, you don’t have to edit php code to use it… that’s true… but you do have to go into your SQL phpmyadmin if you want to remove every last trace of it in order to restore your WordPress installation back to its default rich-text editor. This plugin has more teeth than a shark, and it’s unbelievable how many underlying changes it makes that then require manual, painstaking – and, for the newbie, incredibly daunting – deletion. A detailed breakdown of how to uninstall would be something, but putting it out that it’s an easy thing to install doesn’t tell the whole, unpalatable, story.

    Actually, EditorMonkey has included an uninstall script for quite some time now, and this is mentioned on the website and in the readme file…

    This plugin MAKES ONLY 2 CHANGES:
    – it turns off using the built-in wysiwyg editor by default for all users (global/admin setting)
    – it turns off the per-user built-in wysiwyg editor…

    And that’s it. All the other “changes” are restricted to editormonkey.
    EditorMonkey uses a different version of TinyMCE than WP does, and so it keeps a separate copy.

    To uninstall:
    1) Deactivate plugin.
    2) Reset “Use rich editor by default” from the Options > Writing page.
    3) Reset “Use rich editor” in the User Profile page.
    4) *OPTIONAL* Go into the database and delete all fields that begin with em_ or editormonkey_.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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