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  • I noticed a very odd behavior while adding some additional plugins to wordpress:
    I was going through my Media Library, and found that some of the images had captions of “</p>“. If I deleted the caption and save the changed the changes, and returned to editing the image, the “</p>“” caption was back. If I deactivated TinyMCE Excerpt, then these captions could be deleted and not return, and re-activating it returned the previous mentioned results. I tried entering a caption to see what would happen, and after saving an returning to edit the image, “<p>” and “</p>“; had been placed around the existing caption. I tried turning on and off various other plugins while turning on and off TinyMCE Excerpt, but all with the same result, if TinyMCE Excerpt was off then the captions were fine, if it was on then I got the above weird behavior.
    Anyone else seeing this?

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