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  • If you keep reading there are tons of WYSIWYG editor plugins that replace the WP-TinyMCE editor with much more sophisticated versions – so you’re not stranded if you want to use a WYSIWYG editor.

    Personally, I think that coding your posts on the text/html/php/css level gives you much more control over your posts – but that’s just me – obviously not everyone agrees.

    @sevendotro – any version of WordPress over 2.0 has TincyMCE built in.

    I have friends who works on web programing… and they recommend me TinyMCE because it’s more stable, ergonomic… & stuff.
    I’m just a designer, I don’t know much stuff in programing field… so here I am 🙂

    I need a simple editor, not such as default wp editor, nothing special… 🙂

    @handysolo I don’t know what are you talking about, sorry 🙂
    “built in” then how can I use it? where can I activate it? 🙂

    What HandySolo was saying: if you use WordPress 2.0 version or newer (the latest is 2.0.3) the TinyMC thing is built in. No need to download, look for it etc.

    Edit. To activate > admin > Options > Writing for general settings. Or, just for you: admin > Users > Your profile: left bottom corner.

    =)) guys do you all think I’m stupid or something else? =))
    That’s realy funny guys :))

    This looks like tinyMCE not a few options in wp editor.

    Do you understund me now? Or I’m talking alone here?

    Guess we’re feebs. Sorry to waste your time.

    And don’t forget that TinyMCE can be configured as to what buttons/options to show.

    And don’t forget that TinyMCE is part of WP 2.x. Aside from that… see my first line I guess.

    HandySolo, I’m a noob in wp plugins & stuff 🙂 I know
    I just need a editor like this one what you recommend me 🙂

    THX for your time.

    Guys? 🙂
    I’m using right now WYSI-Wordpress ( it’s…. ok but with problems, I can’t organize my images in categories….

    WYSIWYG ( dosen’t work. I got erors…

    Anyone? 🙂

    @ sevendotro

    TinyMCE is part of WordPress since 2.0 but as it can be higly configured the guys at WP decided to slim it down.

    I too miss a few things like un/ordered lists and a few others always visible in the menu but…

    Point your browser URL to


    and you will get more help on using the hidden WordPress’s TinyMCE options.

    I advise you to ask that friend of yours to give you an hand in costumizing TinyMCE in your WP installation if you really need so.

    Samples at

    Info on that, since it is just a TinyMCE thing, can be read at

    Hope it helps.

    THX! 😉

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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