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    When using Firefox ( and attempting to either post or edit a topic the [CODE] tab does not work (click on it and nothing changes), PLUS the location of the TinyMCE buttons do not appear under the tabs (but between the two text/edit boxes), PLUS when the data to be edited appears in 2 different text boxes, one of which the data does not update from, and the other one of which the TinyMCE buttons have no effect on.

    You can easily see this demonstrated by logging into (using Firefox) and attempting to create a new post.
    This problem does not occur using IE (6 or 7).

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  • I too have this problem. Any clues why?



    Still have not found a workaround. I even updated the tinymce code to the latest version ( I suspect it has to do with the tabs. personally, myself, I see no reason for the tabs since there is a tinymce button which would do the exact same to allow editing the html (BUT with my time being stretched so tight, I just don’t have the time to experiment removing the tabs and enabling the html button).



    I have the same problem – but TinyMCE doesn’t appear in any browser. I’ve done the same as kwikone (latest version), done a complete reinstallation with NO widgets/plugins – nothing changes. Also unable to add new users via the admin interface. Been pulling my hair out for over a week now… and at my age, there isn’t much left! 🙂



    I have alsmost the same problem in Firefox The editing tabs and icons are gone in the write page, and also the news page is weird. In IE7 everything is allright.

    Here are some screenshots:



    Things to check:

    1) Javascript on and enabled for your browser? If running a “no script” FF extension, enable your domain.

    2) Any security suite thingies running on your computer that might be “helpfully” intercepting javascript?

    3) Is the wysiwyg enabled? Users -> Your Profile, top checkbox, be sure it is checked.



    1. Yes, and javascript is working everywhere else.

    2. I’m using Eset Security Suit beta, but I have these problems nowhere else.

    3. Yes, it is.

    And as I already said I ave this problem only in Firefox and not in IE. By the way I’m using a Hungarian Vista.

    Same problem with WordPress & eBay when I use Firefox. I use Safari & have no problems.

    I have found that the problem is related to a javascript error. The error occurs within the initialization code for the compressed tinymce. The error is at: tinyMCE = realtinyMCE. It is almost as if the sequence of the compressed code being sent out is being sent in the wrong order because the error indicates that realtinyMCE is not an object.

    AND, until the latest IE7 update it worked. BUT, now even IE7 fails (when I turned on script debugging I discovered the error).

    The latest version 2.3 does resolve this problem

    OOPS, forgot to mention… It does definitely appear as if the problem was in the tiny_mce_gzip.php as the new level (2.3) has massive changes and restructuring

    i m like … 2 hours… trying to figure out what i did wrong.
    first time installation of wordpress and cant get tinymce to work on both IE7 + FF2.x.x
    firebug error:
    realTinyMCE is not defined
    [Break on this error] tinyMCE = realTinyMCE;

    i tried everything,deleted admin and includes directories,played with file permissions , downloaded different tinymce-based editors…

    I’m really really disappointed,it’s just a BIG bug i m thinking i d better choose a different blogging platform.too bad.and at first i really liked it.cleanly produced code..really nice.
    anywayz.I’m off to sleep.i got a headache.

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