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    Using the latest version of TinyMCE Advanced and WordPress, I can no longer update old posts.

    If I do try to add some new text to an older post, when I press the UPDATE button, all appears to be fine: the TinyMCE visual editor window refreshes and looks good.

    But when I visit my website – by either using the VIEW POST button or by entering the URL into Firefox – the post is EMPTY! The Headline is there and the comments are there, but nothing in between.

    I disabled my 14 plugins and re-enabled a few of them one at a time in this order: Skimlinks, Askimet, WP Super Cache, FeedburnerFeedsmith, wp-jquery-lightbox, TinyMCE Advanced.

    After enabling each plugin, I changed some text in my article, hit the UPDATE button and reviewed the post on my site.

    None of the plugins caused any problem until I re-enabled TinyMCE Advanced. Once I did, my post update turned up BLANK again.

    Please note that I used only the visual editor tab and DID NOT switch to the HTML editor during these tests.

    I disabled TinyMCE Advanced and all is fine now. TinyMCE Advanced is a great idea. Too bad it doesn’t work.

    -Alan (

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  • WebEndev


    I have tested and found this issue also. Existing posts will not update.

    Please look at this dev!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    This sounds bad. Especially the fact that after saving the post shows in the admin but not on the front end. Could you do some more testing: edit an old draft, save, go to the posts listing screen, open it again for editing. Is the content there or it’s gone?

    Sounds like a plugin conflict. Need more info to reproduce this. Seems to work properly here whit several other plugins enabled.



    Andrew – after many hours of investigation (this was not a repeatable occurrence, which made it difficult to track), I did find that it was a plugin issue.
    No problems (at least in my case) with TinyMCE Advanced.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Glad to hear you found the problem.

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