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    when resizing page in safari, google chrome, firefox, the upper menu transforms into a smaller dropdown menu (which is good) but, on the right, 3 blue lines appear on top of the up and down black triangles which is not very good looking.
    is there a way to rectify this?

    (the black triangles do not appear in the mobile version, at least on safari with iphone)

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  • Please give the url of your site so we can give ‘made to measure’ advice.

    if you try minimizing this page to the left you will surely understand what i mean, look at the menu when it’s become tiny, see the blue bars?

    This is not a ‘mistake’ it is an icon that [when clicked] displays the pages and sub-pages of your site.

    If you like, you can replace images/responsive-menu-bg.png with an icon you like better. Make sure you give it the same name and location as the present one.

    Removing it or making it ‘invisible’ are the other options. However that would make it more difficult for the visitors of your site to see where they can find the menu.


    yes I know it is not a mistake but do you not see the dropdown menu arrows under the blue lines?

    No, there is one dropdown-arrow to the side of the arrow, I can see. In IE the up-down slide + arrows show to indicate there are several pages. In chrome on a PC I cannot repeat the problem.

    I’m sorry, I’m unable to solve this.

    thank you,
    yes it’s not an easy one I guess…
    I’ve tried editing the icon as you suggested too, but it appears transparent what ever you do.. so you unfortunately still see the arrows underneath…

    Hi mrdares,

    We have designed our theme to show the three blue lines when viewed in smaller devices like iPhone. That’s part of design not problem. Also the dropdown arrow doesn’t appear when you actually view it on iPhone or other smaller device but it appears only when you resize your browser on your pc. Try to look it actually on your iPhone or any other smart phone then you will know what I am trying to say.


    Yay, those lines are mental. I agree with mrdares. End the nonsense by just removing them:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    	#access select {
    		background: none;

    *Do that in your child theme to make changes properly.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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