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  • ive read so many posts about this and its a pain!

    Tiny MCE is gone but only on this computer…!!!! what?
    I can access wordpress admin thru my Ipad and Tiny MCE is still there just not on my computer!!! Doesnt work on safari or FF.

    I have a new WP 3.5 install and all plug ins have been deactivated

    Anyone have a clue?

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  • As i go thru it all, guess ill write my findings. many people have the same issue of losing their “visual” tab also known as TinyMCE rending them with only the html window – hard to work with if you just wanna get on with your life.
    Im a bit of a novice with tons of curiosity and put myself maybe in a bad place? I wanted to make my website snow and followed procedure to put a js in my site. with no luck, I just took the scripting off thinking all was good. But something seemed to change after that. NO TinyMCE.

    Ive realized after:
    1. freshly installing WordPress 3.5
    2. Freshly installing my theme, Firebird.
    3. resetting my browser cache (firefox)
    4. deactivating my plugins……
    nothing worked to get my visual button back….BUT IT WORKS ON ALL OTHER COMPUTERS EXCEPT MINE!!I can use a different computer and the Visual button is there…..

    Who knows what happened?
    Ive seen some people talk about finding the “ini.php file and change compression to =false” but I dont even know where to start looking for that to check…running Mac.
    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!!!!!!

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