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  • Hi guys,

    i’m using the tinymce-advanced plugin for wordpress and i really like it. However there is one thing i’m not able to get to work:

    I would love to use my actual “real” CSS styles for the backend-editor as well. The strange thing though is, that the plugin would actually support that feature (kind of).

    the plugin says:

    Import the current theme Css Classes. Custom CSS styles can be added in tadv-mce.css.

    I added some styles to the tadv-mce.css document, but it simply doesn’t work. However if i tick the box before “import the current theme css” it somehow almost uses a little bit of my normal style.css file. Anyway, just some styles are used, actually only two of them. For example tha body font-family.

    Is there any chance to add some whatever id or classes to my style.css document in my theme to use all my custom styles for the backend editor as well?

    I used firebug in the backend editor to specify some id’s or classnames but i can’t find a solution.

    i tried using stuff like this, but it wont work:

    #tinymce .mceContentBody h1, .mceContentBody h1 a {
        font-family:Georgia, Times New Roman, Arial;
        padding:0em 0pt 1em;

    any ideas?

    regards sepp88

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  • sepp88,

    This documentation note may be targeted toward the Style Dropdown. This is altered by changing the “tadv-mce.css” file. Once this file is uploaded it may take a few hard page reloads to see the changes in the dropdown.

    what dropdown do you mean? The pragraph drop-down? Doesn’t get affected as well!

    is it even possible to set a a particular stylesheet for the mce-editor in the backend? that would be soo cool.



    I thought you were talking about the Style Dropdown which can be added to the menu in the Settings option for TinyMCE Advanced. By selecting the style sheet option as you have done you will see some css carry over but there will be some styles that do not work.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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