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  • Hi guys,
    Any help on this would be much appreciated. Not totally new to WordPress but I know enough that I’ve checked all the obvious things.

    Basically, as the title says, any of the custom styles I add to the tadv-mce.css file don’t seem to be showing in the Style dropdown in the editor. I’ve used Tiny MCE Advanced on other sites and usually it’s fine.

    I’ve tried re-installing the plugin, disabling every other plugin, and droping in a fresh install of wp-admin to see if any of these actions would fix the problem, with no luck so far.

    If anyone know what the problem could be I’d really appreciate some advice, thanks a mill!

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  • Not even one reply? Come on….someone has to know something…

    I’m using WP v3.2.1 and TinyMCE Advanced, and here is how I made the styles to show up on the drop down menu and on to the final post.
    I’m not adding anything to my functions.php

    1- once TinyMCE is installed and activated, go to your themes folder, let’s say in this case is wordpress/wp-content/themes/twentyten

    2- Tiny MCE will create a file in this folder (and all the themes folders) with the name:

    3- Open this file and add the style you want at the bottom of this file, for example:
    { font-family: Arial;

    4- Save the editor-style.css file and LOG-OUT from WordPress.

    5- You MUST clear the cache once you are logged out from Word press.

    6- Log back in to WP and you will see the new style in your drop down menu

    7- TinyMCE will ONLY add the style tag in your final Post so when you publish the page or post your title will have the class only.
    something like this.
    < div class=”MyTitle”> This is the title of my post </div>

    8- You will have to add the same CSS style you added in to your
    editor-style.css, to your themes style.css file, located at, in my case

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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