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    I upgraded to this morning and am noticing that some of my widget thumbnails aren’t appearing. I’ve taken a screenshot of an example:

    I can’t figure out why some images work and others don’t. I’ve looked at the sources of images that work and don’t work – I’ve pasted the sources below:

    Peach Amaretto Source – Not Working
    <img src="" alt="Peach Amaretto Tart (Gluten Free)" title="Peach Amaretto Tart (Gluten Free)" width="90" height="90" border="0" class="crp_thumb">

    Wild Berry Bars – Working
    <img alt="Wild Berry Cheesecake Bars" title="Wild Berry Cheesecake Bars" width="90" height="90" border="0" class="crp_thumb" src=",qsrc=http,P3A,P2F,,P2Fwp-content,P2Fuploads,P2F2013-05-31-r-wild-berry-cheesecake-bars-125x125.jpg,aw=90,ah=90,azc=1,aq=95.pagespeed.ic.4XeI5xSP8q.webp">

    The consistent difference I notice is that images that are working have the source /timthumb/90x90xtimthumb.php/… or /timthumb/xtimthumb.php, where as images that aren’t working have the path /timthumb/timthumb.php/…

    I’ve tried recreating the index and clearing the cache but nothing is working. I downgraded to 1.8.8, which was working, but now timthumb isn’t working there either, so I’ve turned off timthumb.

    Do you have any idea what could be causing the issue?

    Awesome plugin! Thanks a lot for your help.


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  • Plugin Author Ajay



    It’s really strange what you’ve pasted above. I would have expected the /thumb.php would work and the /90x90xthumb.php to not work.

    Your site is: ?


    Sorry for the delayed response – I’ve been out of town a couple days. Yeah, my site is but right now I have timthumb disabled. I enabled it briefly this morning to confirm my previous findings and took a couple screenshots.

    This is a working photo that uses xtimthumb.php:

    This is a broken photo that uses timthumb.php:

    This is the same recipe/image as the broken photo above. It uses timthumb from the WordPress Popular Posts plugin and is working. It uses 90×90 before timthumb:

    Let me know if you want me to test anything out or need more info from me.

    Thanks a lot with your help on this!


    Plugin Author Ajay


    I checked this out:

    I followed the Image link:×125.jpg&w=90&h=90&zc=1&q=95

    It gives this error:

    You may not fetch images from that site. To enable this site in timthumb, you can either add it to $ALLOWED_SITES and set ALLOW_EXTERNAL=true. Or you can set ALLOW_ALL_EXTERNAL_SITES=true, depending on your security needs.

    This is a security restriction in timthumb. I will add as one of the additional sites allowed to fetch data from in the next version of the plugin.

    For now you can edit timthumb.php in the plugin folder and after line 138 add the additional item to the array,


    Thanks a lot. I edited timthumb and it’s working. Thanks for helping me figure it out and for adding it into future releases.

    Unprompted this morning, my co-founder (who deals with the site content) said “That plugin that gives suggestions for related posts is pretty awesome!”

    Thanks a lot for making this!


    Plugin Author Ajay


    Alex, thank you! Glad to know the plugin has been working well for you. Do convey my regards to your co-founder as well.

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