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  • After completing the latest Word Press update, and doing a bunch of security updates with the WP- Better Security plugin, our media banner isn’t displaying slides correctly.

    I can view the slides in Chrome, but they will not pull up in IE, Firefox or on a BB (the platforms I have available atm to check with).

    I have a guy looking into it who tells me this:

    The main issue is something strange with timthumb, usually it’s an issue with the script not properly accessing the cache folder in the same directory as it or something about the script it’s self. It’s not giving off any actual errors so it’s really hard to debug this problem. I’ve never had it not work in only certain browsers before.

    The main issue with the “accessing objects” is that the links that it puts out to the images in the browsers that don’t work is showing up as a double URL. Because that link doesn’t go anywhere, it’s giving that error.

    Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to resolve this issue, or steer him more in the right direction?

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