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  • I am having timezones issues. I have my own plugin using my own theme. I do not believe that matters with my problem, but it may and so I wanted to mention it. I have complete control of my server. I have checked php settings and my timezone is correct. I have check mysql. It is using SYSTEM for timezone. I checked my system (centos 6.4 with date command) and it is also correct. While in phpMyAdmin I select NOW() and it returns correctly. While logged into mysql from command line it returns correctly. When I select NOW() using wordpress global $wpdb it returns UTC (wrong timezone offset). Inside wordpress admin it says the correct timezone and i verified it in the options table in the database. My plugin needs to compare current time ( NOW() ) to get from database certain results. Is there something I have not thought of? I believe this is also affecting a calendar plugin as well.

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