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  • I just posted a new post a while ago. I realized afterwards that it was posted under GMT+1 (instead of GMT+2 because of DST) and manually fixed the time on the post. That turned it into a scheduled post though. I then changed the time zone on my blog to GMT+2, however the post has still not been posted, and I cannot edit it to change the status to “published” despite having changed the time zone to the correct one.
    Is this a bug? I assume the post will be posted in a few minutes (it is scheduled for in 5 minutes minus one hour), regardless, I am wondering why it is not possible to change the post status even though the “scheduled” time has already passed.
    [I am thinking I may have gone about this in the wrong order and it would have been better to have changed the time zone first and then the time on the post, but regardless, this should not happen, I think.]
    I do realize this is an issue that is not very major, nor is it going to affect many people, but I was curious about it, as I am not sure if it is intended or not.
    Thanks for your help.

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  • I noticed that when I saved a post, the time it indicated was correct, but when the post saved itself automatically, it was using the wrong time zone. It seemed like a minor bug, but a bug nonetheless.

    I had a post scheduled to publish at 11am today. It’s 12:20pm, and it hasn’t posted yet, says it is scheduled to post in an hour, even though the ‘scheduled for’ time appears correct in the post, and the time is set properly in my WP settings. This is more than just annoying if someone needs a post published at a specific time!

    Same problem here in 2.5. I don’t think that WP intends to fix it as other threads have discussed this with no resolution and at least one of those threads has been closed (and it’s not old).

    On my particular scheduled post this morning, it said it was going to post in 4 hours (9 hours late), but I just manually published it then. I’m not sure if it would have really published it in 4 hour or not. Can someone tell me if they know if it eventually does publish it, albeit at the wrong time?

    Mine did two months ago (the reason I originally started the topic). And I have used scheduled posting once or twice since and everything worked normally.


    My date says october 2006!!!! I cant post anything with todays date!!

    what is going on and how can we fix it?

    I am having the same issue with posting future posts. It would seem to me that if there was a switch to turn on and off posting of scheduled events it would be most useful. Another option would be to allow the user to override the scheduled designation and publish it.

    Hi there, interesting post, it might be worth looking at this plugin,
    I found a while back, hope it helps someone.good luck.

    this still doesnt help

    And looks like wordpress has no plans of fixing this!

    So despite the new look of version 2.5 and up, because of this bug, I must say that new version of wordpress sucks!

    Seeing that this important problem is ignored and I’m not the only one suffering from it, makes is more bearable.

    In my opinion it is a major problem when a post I scheduled for today at noon is not been published. My advise to the developers: if a functionality isn’t function and there is no intension to support it, don’t implement it. It’s annoying to have a bunch of effing features that turn out to do virtually nothing.

    I have to appologize. It was my own fault.

    What I did was writing the post, schedule it and click on save instead on the publish button.

    Very stupid from me!

    I am ashamed of accusing the developers of ignorance.

    Forgive me 🙁

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