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    So, I’m having some issues with the timezone in customer notifications. First, the Appointment.date_timzeone field doesn’t contain what the docs says it does: it actually is just the global timezone, not the customer timezone associated with the appointment.

    If I change to using Appointment.customer_timezone, it then works correctly for the default customer notification… unless it’s a rescheduled appointment, in which case it’s empty.

    Looking at the database and source code, it seems that the timezone is not actually being stored during a reschedule operation, but I can’t track down or fix the Javascript in question because the booking-app/src/ directory is missing from the distribution (and from WordPress SVN).

    The lack of source code is a bit of a problem, because I would like to be able to do some other things with the Javascript as well, like prepopulating the logged-in user’s name and email address, and changing the post-booking action menu.

    (I assume the lack of source code is an accidental oversight, rather than an intentional omission, since the GPL requires that the complete original source be provided in a format suitable for modification by the end-user.)

    Anyway, if y’all could address the missing src/ directories in SVN (along with the package.json file(s) and anything else that’s missing), I’d be happy to see if I can help track down the issue with the missing-on-reschedule timezone value. Thanks!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Contributor Natalie MacLees


    Hello @pjeby,

    We will take a look at the customer timezone not being saved as expected when a customer reschedules an appointment. That definitely sounds like a bug, so we’ll get that addressed in an upcoming release.

    We have some of the items that you’re looking for planned for upcoming releases, such as pre-populating the booking form with any relevant account information for logged-in WordPress users and giving more options for the actions available after booking an appointment.

    We haven’t included the source JavaScript files in our zipped distribution package as we didn’t want to bloat the size of the plugin unnecessarily and most users will never need or want those files. Similar JavaScript-based plugins like Gutenberg don’t include the source files in the distribution either. We’re still very much heads-down working on developing this plugin, so we haven’t taken time yet to write developer documentation or get set up to accept pull requests. If you contact us at we’ll be happy to share any files you might need and discuss our ongoing efforts.

    Hi Natalie. Thanks for the information. You mention pull requests; does that mean you intend to put the source up on Github? That would certainly be helpful in the future.

    (As for other plugins, Gutenberg does include the full source on Github, even though it is not packaged in the distribution. The GPL issue is simply that it needs to be possible for end-users to obtain the source code so they can make modifications.)

    Anyway, thank you for the heads-up, and I will follow up on the source code request. Thanks!

    Plugin Author croixhaug


    Hey PJ, just wanted to let you know that we released an update today with several improvements. And a few were ones you asked about:

    1. The customer timezone should show properly now in email notifications
    2. Rescheduling an appointment no longer loses the customer’s timezone
    3. We pre-populate the name and email address based on the currently logged in user (although if the user is an administrator, we assume they’re probably booking for somebody else and don’t autopopulate)
    there is a WP filter that you can override if you wish to populate from some other data source

    Let us know if you have any questions!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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