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    Hi, I am having issues with the start time of every meeting I create using this plugin.

    After selecting the correct timezone and start time of the meeting when adding a new meeting in WordPress, it gets created on Zoom using a different time.

    The time difference is equal to the timezone difference – in this case GMT -4. So if I create a meeting with a start time of 4PM, it gets created on Zoom with a start time of 8PM.

    My WordPress timezone setting is set correctly to America/New York which right now is GMT -4.

    Additionally, I also have my PHP timezone setting set to: date_default_timezone_set(“America/New_York”);

    Basically, my server already functions with the New York timezone (I have other plugins and logic on the site that requires this).

    Any ideas on how to correct the timezone difference issue with your plugin? I tried looking for timezone filters but couldn’t find any.


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    I kept poking around the plugin and figured out how to fix it (for my specific situation), by hooking into the appropriate filters of \includes\api\class-zvc-zoom-api-v2.php plugin file.

    //hook for fixing the Zoom meeting start time in Video Conferencing with Zoom plugin
    add_filter( 'vczapi_createAmeeting', "zoom_timezone_fix");
    add_filter( 'vczapi_updateMeetingInfo', "zoom_timezone_fix");
    function zoom_timezone_fix( $meetingInfoArray ){
        //get the UTC/GMT start time/date originally set by the plugin
        $start_time = $meetingInfoArray["start_time"]; //format received is "Y-m-d\TH:i:s" ("2020-09-09T13:00:00")
        //create new DateTime object set to UTC timezone from the original start time/date
        $start_time = new DateTime($start_time, new DateTimeZone('UTC'));
        //use DateTime object to automatically calculate hour difference based on desired timezone
        $start_time->setTimezone(new DateTimeZone('America/New_York'));
        //update the meeting info array with the adjusted time in the original format
        $meetingInfoArray["start_time"] = $start_time->format("Y-m-d\TH:i:s");
        //return meeting info array
        return $meetingInfoArray;
    Thread Starter Andrei G.


    Although the code above worked to fix the timezone issue, there is still an issue with this as the WP admin side still shows the incorrect start date / time for the meeting.

    Any ideas on how to deal with this are welcome.

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